2010 Pokémon Card Design Contest japan

I have recently fond some weird cards on this website

I have no clue what these cards are about and where to get them any info would be appreciated thanks.
Thank you

So that’s why I’ve never seen any of the 2009 ones!

What was the movie release this year? I just realised that I haven’t bought anything :thinking:

I think those were pretty much it. ;-; The other closest ones I can think of are the two sets of shiny beast cards - the Perfect Set promos and the much rarer campaign ones, and the jumbo Zoroark and Zoroa cards. I was really looking forward to a premium folder or something like last year’s promos, too!

I would give any thing for these cards Even my hole collection
how much do you think these would go for? and where is the best place to look?

yahoo japan would be your best bet.they look nice but didnt they have some special promo booster pack when the movie was released for people to buy?the only thing I would aim for are the legendary shiny card sets

@legendslugia251 yes they did: the advent of arceus if im not mistaken.
I looking for thoes and planning on getting the shinning set with the groundon and raquaza and sutch because cant find any of the outhere set. I would mutch rathere have that because my favorate pokemon is lugia and they all around look beter.

@vipr.fox thank you I will start looking right away. and what do you serch up on yahoo japn?

Is this the first time there haven’t been any promos for a Japanese Pokémon movie that haven’t been released for general release?

Obviously 5-9 had half decks, 10-11 promo sheets, 12 its own mini-set. 1-4 had cards as well, didn’t it? (Southern Islands comes to mind!)

What the heck? You’re writing articles in Pojo!?!?!?!?

*Goes to have a read*

EDIT: Wow, that was incredibly well researched and well written. Great article mate, can’t wait for the next ;D

I’m totally stoked because I believe I caught them…


I’m totally unstoked since I was just about to buy those, lucky you

Wow. Well, congrats daria. One thing - how on earth did the seller get all of them in one place? And why did s/he not jack the price up? :thinking:

I know right

I wish ebay was like that

ebay sellers just jack up prices since they know people will pay for them.but thats lucky finding a whole set of the winners

@viper.fox: slightly off-topic, but do we know for sure that each Snap contest winner got the whole set?

It makes sense, just that I’ve never seen it confirmed.

Well, one more set appeared. Same seller, and gone after four hours.


Claire please tell me that was you who got them…

I might just set up an alert to try to grab a set…

Wow another set I’m going to watch that seller very closely
but I would still Rather have the 5 gen ones

how much are the spicky eard pikachew and arceus ones worth one guy has them and calls them 10k cards is that realistic?