2010 Zorua/Zoroark Pokémon Card Design Contest

So, I think i got these for a pretty sweet deal.

does anyone know the current prices or the real number of sets there actually are?

Did you get these off of Y!J - the recent 30,000 Y listing?

i sure did.

based on sold items of the same kind, i thought it was a pretty good deal

@packrippa – Was it 30,000 円 or 34,000 円? In any circumstance, that is a pretty good deal in comparison to eBay and other websites of a similar nature. I bought mine at 32,000 円 last year. This year, the 30,000 円 spectrum seems to be the average price for this set on Yahoo! Japan.

As for the number of sets in existence, the UPCCC has debated this a few times.

34,000. Im having a big send off to psa, and I thought that would be something great to have graded. Im a little worried about condition, but worth the risk I think.

and thanks so much for the hyperlinks, its exactly what I was looking for

What would the eBay price for the set be at currently?

@packrippa – I think it is a good idea, as there are only a few complete sets that have been graded by PSA.

No problem :blush:

@daelum – The last complete set sold on eBay for £360 ($560). Otherwise, I haven’t seen a complete set sell on eBay since last year. Individually, I have observed a price range between $75 - $150 (per card). It is difficult to instill a price tag on these cards because they are so rare, especially on eBay.

I have the Highest Graded set currently in world atm 9 PSA 10s and 1 PSA 9.
I know that for a Fact because I have the only PSA 10 4th Grade card.

The card I have that is PSA 9 is the COROCORO ICHIBAN! Card there is only 4 cards with a Higher Grade.

Heres a photo of my set sorry if the quality is poor.


As for the Number of sets Produced I was told by a very reliable Japanese source that 20 sets were given to the Winners. Some of the other cards were given away but not as a set so in theory there is more then 20 sets. Hope that helps

With that particular seller, be aware that they don’t ship their cards in toploaders OR sleeves - just bubble wrap :x