Feb 23 - Mar 1, 2014 - Illusion's Zorua & Illusion's Zoroark

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I have Illusion’s Zoria, PSA graded 9, i love it, ideally will be looking to go for more soonish…

One of the most underrated Pokemon sets. I do find the artwork very unique and appealing. I have the pleasure of owning the only complete PSA10 set at the moment which @bagoly14 is very close to achieving but I’m hoping that he doesn’t just to drive him crazy. :blush:


@vodka - Which is your favourite?

@bagoly14 - How many more do you need PSA 10?

@viperfox - I love that set as well. I just sent Scott some cards from it :blush:

@pokeoz - Do you have a favourite?

well AS of right now, just because I own it, has to be the Zoria, when I get round too the set the answer may be different

Definitely a nice set… but the number is rather 1000 than 100… I think we had this topic before here on UPCCC

@vodka - Well which Zorua in the set? :blush: My favourite is the one above :blush: (Pokemon Fan)
I’m not a huge fan of the Zoroarks in the set… Not because the mystique doesn’t intrigue me, but because I’m just not a huge zoroark fan… Haha.

that one;p

haven’t got round to getting a scanner yet, bought of him soo;P

I love that little one :grin:


I want this too www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Pokemon-Japanese-Theatre-Pack-Annies-Espeon-Psa-9-Mega-Rare-/370994623196?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item566100b2dc but not that pricee

I have that card, but it’s factory sealed in the original half deck. Don’t know if I should let it go =/

I don’t blame you, I’m working on an espeon collection, seen at least 3-4 espeon graded cards I want, all are high price :slightly_frowning_face:

@bagoly14 - Wow really? I’m surprised you don’t land more 10s!

Watch out for that 4th Grade Winner card. That’s the most elusive in terms if landing a PSA10 and the key to getting your complete PSA10 set. Good luck.

Why is that Nestor?

Out of the 10 that PSA graded only 2 have achieved PSA10 so far. I’m not really sure why. Perhaps printing issue? I don’t really know.

One one the 2 cards graded PSA10 is part of my set. The other one was part of Julian’s set that was stolen (scammed) from him by an unscrupulous individual.

Or you can just buy my set and save yourself the trouble of hunting down those elusive PSA10’s. Might be cheaper in the long run. :blush:

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If you have spares you aren’t wanting to PSA grade, let me know :wink:
Haha. You won’t monopolize the market, I have my PSA 10 sitting in my fireproof case at home.