Mar 2 - Mar 8, 2014 - Pokemon Illustrator!

**Pokemon llustrator


Apologies all for being late >__<;
I totally forgot to make this yesterday…

Hope this spikes a great discussion!

It is a beautiful card to say the least, although not quite my favorite. Some day I might be in the market for high-end trophy cards, but the first on my list would be SSB No. 1 Trainer. I just love that Mewtwo in his power-pose. :wink:

Dat collectors philosophy!


I have a lot of respect for this card, seeing as it is so unique to the pokemon card game along with its incredible history.

That said, its definately not my favorite trophy card based on appearance. I would much rather own a set of trophy pikas :stuck_out_tongue:


You are all revealing future COTW topics!

I have a photocopy of the card… Does that count?

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I have pictures of Ben having a blast with the card. Does that count?


@elam18 ask our friend in the news article

@funmonkey64 heehee I dunno. If it is the pizza box picture I dunno >___>°

It’s a bit of cardboard, with some ink… and… some shiny sparkly plastic sheet, and a guy called Pikachu, and his holding a brush. I think he drew Charmander, he is pretty good actually.

And yeah, well, I would pay thousands for it cause I’m a stooge.


The way i see it is kind of like a modern antique. The value comes partly from the limited number given to lil kiddies way back when, so to have one in good condition is really something. I often think about all the ones that didnt make it… :slightly_frowning_face:

People have paid much more for much less ink!

Lol definitely agree, I do admire this form of collecting. Your comment gets me thinking about original artist proofs from various cartoon series, sketches, or comics. Those have tremendous values.

Also, we could look at the illustrator card as a form of fine art printmaking.

To me it can easily been addressed as modern art. Having studied art history for a number of years.

I’d like to own it but unfortunately doing an espeon collection is proving to be more costly than I anticipated got my eye on a few cards I need such as the japanese gold star promo espeon, will’s espeon/sabrina’s both graded, aswell as a german graded 8 one, thus others

Not only the illustrator, also the other old high-end trophy cards :wink: thats why I pay thousands of dollars for a single card.

I have 14 of these in Gem Mint condition in my Uncle’s attic, but I can’t take any pics/scans of them because I am only there once a year and my camera/scanner are always broken when I go there.

You guys will just have to believe me, and if you don’t then you are an idiot and I slept with your mother.


I’m really enjoying this thread. The idea of old trophy cards (as well as older cards in general) being a form of art is one of the main reasons started collecting again.

Don’t you also stash your Prerelease Raichu’s at your Uncle’s?


No those are at my cousin Steven’s house.
They are Aborigines though so I can’t take a camera into their house, if I do the camera will steal their souls.