5 Favorite Pokemon Cards

Forgive me if you are tired of seeing “Favorite” posts lately, but personally I love them, and I think this is an important thread!

What are your Top 5 Favorite Pokémon Cards?
They can be for sentimental reasons, because you love the artwork, etc. You don’t even have to own the card! I think that seeing peoples favorite Pokémon Cards really says a lot about someone and their personality! Also does not have to be 5, it can be 1, 3, 10, whatever you want! I like the idea of having one thread for everyone’s Top 5 Favorite Pokémon Cards!

Here are mine:

Lucky Stadium
So much to say about this one, but I will keep it brief, Pikachu and Pichu riding on a Charizard over the now defunct NYC Pokémon Center with the Empire State Building in the background all in beautiful early 2000’s cgi… This one has it all. Number 1 Favorite.

**Challenge!**I love how these are supposed to be Team Rocket’s Pokémon and they look all smug and hard. Himeno’s beautiful early artwork shines in this one.

McDonald’s UmbreonMy favorite Umbreon artwork. I love how it is sunbathing and looks so sleepy, just like a lazy cat on a Sunday Morning! Also look at the background… Wow!!

Aquapolis UmbreonI prefer this card in nonholo/reverse holo so you can see how beautiful the background is. Look how attentive and focused this Umbreon is. I’d say its looking for some rattata’s to eat!

Exchange Please PromoThis card may be the weirdest card in all the TCG. Look at how weird the Weepinbell’s face looks. Why do these people (people? aliens?) look so mischievous? So many questions, so little answers. Love it!


1. Japanese Pokémon Web Moltres. This Moltres artwork is my favorite of all existing Pokémon TCG cards. I have a small collection dedicated to it. I can still remember receiving the Moltres and Zapdos at the cinemas (and my little brother had the Moltres and Arituno). From that moment I already loved the artwork, and over the years the nostalgia only added to it. The red and yellow, with dark volcano background is just beautiful. When someone mentioned the Japanese Pokémon Web set contained a Holofoil version of this artwork, I immeditately bought this PSA-10 below, which was the start of my little collection of this Moltres artwork in all raw variations/languages; all sealed; and high graded copies for the English/Japanese ones.

2. Pikachu Emotions Japanese Art Academy card. My second favorite card is unfortunately one I don’t own yet. As a Pikachu collector I love this artwork for well… all the different Pikachu emotions displayed on a single card. It’s so well done. Both cute, funny and cool at the same time. I really hope I one day have the chance to add this card to my collection.

3. English Ghost/Phantom stamp Base Set Pikachu. As a Pikachu collector, I of course love the Base Set for its many different and unique variants. I like the Ghost/Phantom stamp version especially, because it’s unique to this card, and really represents what kind of weird misprints can be out there. At the same time it gives some insight in the printing process for the 2D vs 3D 1st edition stamps. Overall I love this card, and although there are rarer Base Set Pikachu variations out there, this one is among my favorites and those others aren’t. :blush:

4. Japanese unlimited edition World Champions Pack Seviper. Seviper is my favorite Pokémon, and although I started collecting Pikachu in all languages and variations when I came back 5.5 years ago, I later on also decided to have a similar collection for my favorite Pokémon. In the end it took me 3.5 years to finish this collection, of which mostly this single card was the final hard to find one. But, because it was so hard, the accomplishment of finally finding it made me appreciate it that much more. After this Japanese card in unlimited edition arrived safe and sounds last month, it was just waiting for the two already incoming Indonesian Seviper cards, which arrived past Monday. It feels amazing to finally have completed this collection 100% complete across all languages and variations. :grin:

The fifth one was a bit more difficult to pinpoint to a single card. So instead, the fifth place is a shared spot for three cards in no particular order:
5. Japanese July 18th, 2011 Teach Set Pikachu.
5. English MATCHPRINT Expedition Base Set Pikachu.
5. Japanese 095/SM-P The Masked Royal Promo in PSA-10.
The Teach/Tryout Sets are very unique cards, which were distributed to learn kids about the TCG in Japan. The sets from 2011 also feature unique artworks that aren’t used on any other Pokémon TCG cards, and this Pikachu card in particular is a very solid artwork that I love owning.
The MATCHPRINT Pikachu is probably the rarest Pikachu card I own. Only two copies of these were made, so I’m very privileged and homered to have it in my Pikachu collection. The MATCHPRINT cards were color proof test print for the Expedition Base Set, which were leaked from the factory by an ex WotC employee, who sold them to Rusty (TCA Gaming). After I had heard he broke up his set by selling his Charizard cards, I made him a similar offer for the Pikachu which I’m glad to say he accepted. And in addition to being such an amazing two of a kind card, it also has the Expedition Base Set Pikachu artwork, which is among my favorites of all Pikachu artworks.
The Masked Royal is limited to 100 copies (plus a few extras) in Japanese (and 28 copies in Korean). I collect Full Art Supporter cards in English, and also included all Japanese exclusive versions, like this card. This collection of mine is my absolute favorite to browse through and look at. The artworks of all of these are amazing, and if I would ever be forced to be in a position to choose between stopping my Pikachu collection or FA Supporter collection (I’m going to assume that won’t happen, but in theory), I would continue with my FA Supporter collection. It may be easier to collect, since it’s primarily keeping up with new releases, but I just love how this entire collection looks as a whole. And although The Masked Royal isn’t my favorite artwork among them, it’s by far the rarest and the center piece, especially being PSA-10.



I have quite a lot of favourites, but currently I would say these would be my top five (in no particular order):

Torchic Gold Star (illus. masakazu fukuda)

My favourite card, of my favourite starter.

PokeKyun Psyduck XY-P (illus. tomokazu komiya)

Iconic Komiya art featuring Junichi Masuda. Need I say more?

Mega Gardevoir EX from PokeKyun (illus. megumi mizutani)

This is probably my favourite card from the set, it’s so dyanmic plus I love that it features a shiny Gardevoir!

Art Academy Gourgeist (illus. rina)

If the art style isn’t enough to draw you in, the sheer number of Pokemon should more than make up for it. It’s a fantastic print, and my favourite from the AA set.

2004 Tropical Wind (illus. sumiyoshi kizuki)

This print captures the third generation starters so well, is part of a larger yearly series and combines rarity alongside a truly unique distribution. This card also happens to be the one that started my journey towards my current collection goals. Will always have a special place in my collection.


@quuador, I love me some Pikachu cards. I have never seen that Art Academy one before! I love the fact that they included broken Ketchup Bottle Pikachu haha. Also, you gotta love fat base set Pikachu artwork!

@pokekuma13, Wow that Art Academy Gourgeist is … well… Gorgeous!!! I’ve never seen that one before either. Such a cool design.

Thank you both for sharing!


@pokekuma13 Yeah, the Gourgeist Art Academy card is amazing as well. After the Emotions Pikachu it’s my favorite. The Space and Hawaii Pikachu are great as well, and I also love the Mew.

@boogus Here are all 22 Art Academy cards if you’re curious about the rest:
bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Illustration_contests#Pok.C3.A9mon_Art_Academy_Competition :blush:




Dude I legit love your takes on why you like what you like, you’re the epitome what collecting is all about. That Pikachu (#2) is amazing and I haven’t seen it until now.


In no particular order (and including Ho-Oh ex/Lugia ex and Alto Mare’s Latias/Latios as one slot each, since they go together):

(gotta be the 1st Ed one for sentimental purposes)


Dragonite ex is #1 and the rest are in no particular order:

My most prized card as a kid. I still think it’s the most beautiful card (entirely subjective, of course)

I’m much more of a fan of the early EX Series, but this card is just so, so beautiful. This is the second best ex, IMO, behind Dragonite.

Most beautiful regular holo ever, period.

Unbelievably beautiful cards. I only recently acquired them and they are just so, so nice-looking.

Not entirely sure why, but I just really love this Pichu. I generally love Nishida art and it’s just such a cheerful, bright card.

And some notable near-inclusions are Latios/Latias ex from EX Dragon, and Flygon 4/97 from EX Dragon. Oh and Aquapolis Steelix, largely because of the circumstances of when I pulled it. I pulled it on the way back from the Pokemon Center in NY. I don’t remember being particularly excited, but I remember this pull really vividly for whatever reason and it just brings back great memories. I really wish that place was still open. I remember picking out packs from a colorful wall (or walls?) that had all sorts of Pokemon packs hanging on it. I still have like a million plushies from that place lol. I can’t help but wish that money was spent on cards instead haha.



As for now:


Mines are:

-Shadowless Gyarados
-Lance Gyarados
-Shadowless Venusaur
-Base Japanese Gyarados
-Ho-Oh from neo (the fire one)


Threads like this are poison for my bank acccount.

It’s really hard for me to assemble a top 5 cards list, so this list is probably not an ultimate one but rather the five cards that came to my mind the fastest (in no particular order)

Gold Star Torchic - Team Rocket ReturnsOne of my favourite Pokemon of all time on a super rare card with gorgeous artwork? Sign me up. Also I really like how the Pokemon exceeds the frame on the card. I believe this is one of the first time a card like this was designed?

Shining Gyarados - Neo RevelationIf I had to show someone who knows nothing about Pokemon just one card, it would be this one. This is probably my favourite card of all time. For me, it is perfect.

Politoed - Neo Discovery

Really beautiful artstyle. Politoed looks so good in this one. Honorable mention to the non-holo, because you can see the sunset better.

Tropical Wind 2004

The starters of my favourite generation combined in a card with Psyduck. As already mentioned in this thread it captions them so well.

Celebi - SkyridgeI love all of the Crystals, but Celebi takes the number 1 spot. I love the streams of purple and green and the overall artstyle in this one.


I’m gonna keep this to favorite cards in my collection. 5th place was really hard to choose






@fivesetgo You have really nice taste. Shining gyarados woulda made my top 5 if I had it in my collection as well.


1.No Rarity Charizard
2.trophy Kanga
4. No Rarity Blastoise
5. Japanese Espeon play promo

There are a few cards I really prefer artwork on. But these cards would be all time grails. I am lucky enough to own multiples of 2 on this list.

Some of the cards I love artwork wise are the zapdos from the Japanese green/red deck. Masaki Gengar and Masaki Alakazam, Japanese shining gyrados, and tons more.

As you can tell. I LOVE Japanese cards.


For fun’s sake, let’s pretend that 1st place is a combination of representations for the first 5 Gyarados cards that started my collection (and my top 5 favorites) so I can talk about other cards for once (shocking! I know!).

1. Unlimited Base Set Gyarados & Unlimited Neo Revelation Shining Gyarados
The card that started it all and the card that cemented my collection goals. Had to trade my old favorite, Alakazam, to get the Base Set card and it started the obsession that we all know I love. As for the other, I never thought I would open the Shining Gyarados up from a pack as a kid and still remember it as one of the most vivid memories of my childhood when I finally did.

2. Plasma Blast Volcarona

I hate almost everything that 5ban Graphics comes out with, but this card hits differently on so many levels. From the unconventional blue/orange card, the dynamic pose, and shattered background, and the play on the holo border, this card just makes me so happy whenever I look at it. There are much better artworks of the Pokemon that I have, but as an entire card, it works so well.

3. Crossing the Ruins Espeon

My sister had one. I didn’t. I fell in love with this card from the first day I saw it. To me, it is probably one of the top 3 arts of all Pokemon cards of all time. Nishida outdid herself with this one and finally, after 15+ years, I picked up a bent copy for myself to appreciate.

4. Pokemon Center Hiroshima Gyarados Promo

When I heard about about BREAKpoint and how it was centered around my favorite Pokemon of all time, I was completely stoked. However, as much as I love those cards now, I was originally very disappointed with the designs. Then came Ancient Origins and this incredible beast of a card came out. The Japanese promo sits at the top for me in terms of art and having two different Gyarados featured of the Pokemon.

5. Champion’s Path Suspicious Food Tin

I haven’t really cared about too many gold cards or trainer cards in general. However, when I saw this card come out with Champion’s Path, the tiny Neanderthal portion of my brain lit up instantly and shouted, “PSYCHIC BEANS!!!” I found the card incredibly hilarious and alluring at the same time. Purple and gold just go so well together aesthetically and thanks to a trade with @dizzle24, I was able to get one. I loved this card so much that I had to purchase a single box of Explosive Walker, the Japanese set, to see if I could open it myself. And in a live stream box opening, I did!


hands down my favourite artwork of all time.
he looks like he just smoked a bowl and ordered some KFC.

so sick



So hard to narrow down! I would say these 10 are most consistently in my “top 25”