Pokemon Art Academy TCG Illustrator Competition


Only 100 copies of each card will be made and they will not be sold or be obtainable elsewhere.


I hope no one draws a rayray and wins -.- lol

I hope someone draws a metapod… we need more metapod cards


Pikachu wil win for sure

Oh, my, Lord…

I’ve never wanted something to happen and not happen at the same time quite so bad.


I like how the author on poke beach suggested everyone draw Kadabra lolol


Would enter if i had a handheld Nintendo system lol

well this means one more very rare and most likely expensive japanese set to obtain. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m actually getting major anxiety over this…

I’m with @funmonkey54 on this. I’ve never wanted something to happen and not happen at the same time so badly than right now.

If a Gyarados wins, that will be one more thing on my list for collection.

Mewcollector, this contest is not for the Japanese - so it won’t be Japanese exclusive. But it will be very elusive. I really, really hope they will maybe somehow give out these cards after the winners get their prizes.

There will be cosplay Pikachus as some of the cards, and it would be awesome to get a Kadabra or just see it made again. I may buy the game just to enter!

@funmonkey54 and I had a conversation yesterday about this.

You just KNOW there will be some kid who gets their 100 copies of the card and hands half of them out to all the kids at their school an an attempt to make friends. BAM, half the population of 1 of the cards ruined.

Also watch for those helicopter parents who refuse to let their kids sell even half of the 100 cards they get.Even though selling half could net you some nice investment money for the kids future.

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This is scary. I wonder who will win and if they’ll sell their spares at reasonable prices. I probably would shell out a fair sum per card.

Well the rules at least allow it for now.

In other hand Nintendo would be sued again by someone… :grin:

I doubt Nintendo would pick those as a winner though.

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That’s an awful but realistic thought. The idea that we might not see circulation of such cards for years.

Question, though, does anyone know how long it took for cards that were contested in the past to be circulated after their production?

The 2009 & 2010 illustration contest cards surfaced immediately after the contest ended.

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Oh my, now I’m thinking about buying Pokemon Art Academy game just to take part in the contest…

About year ago (or maybe two years ago…) I won third prize in League of Legends comic contest so maybe I’ll try my luck one more time :rofl:

Now I found this…

WHAT THE HECK :thinking:

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I might just enter this competition.

No Italy? Damn…

Yay I can enter! But I can’t draw :slightly_frowning_face: