My cards are hitting eBay!!


Check out my eBay auctions:

I listed an ultra 3 card L-P Lottery Promo Set
062/L-P Entei
063/L-P Suicune
064/L-P Raikou

  • many other random auctions**

Lol, I wish. thats the Kamex tourney one right? I could’ve sworn I saw a picture of one of those recently. Does anyone recall if it was on here or who has one?

lol ya I just found the posting where sandman linked, but the photobucket link no longer works

hehe the picture is still up, just moved it :blush: enjoy

nice Scott, will have a detailed look at your list tomorrow :blush:


Can you do all five of the sealed PokéPark cards (Rayquaza, Celebi, Whismur, Jirachi, and Torchic) for $14 shipped? They are sealed, yes?

Yes I can and yes they are sealed. I will PM you.

I want the Southern Islands cards (the complete set for $18)

I also want one of the ANA folders. However, this would require me to open the envelope I have to see which one I have. Is a sealed folder worth a lot more than an unsealed folder?

I think that the ANA folder sealed in the envelope is worth more than an open copy, especially since I am huge fan of sealed Pokemon card promos. I wish there was a way to tell which one you had.

Would you consider trading the sealed ANA set for my opened ANA set plus something else or a discount on the Southern Island set?

Also, my list was updated

At least I’ve finally got a red shadow Computer Error! (How many Kamex ones were there? Its always good to be hopeful that one will pop up by accident, but chances are slim if the card is that rare).

shpunto - PM’ing you about the Southern Island set. :blush:

…what a list. I sent you a PM asking about a few actually :confused: hope it isn’t any trouble.

I also forgot to ask if you still had 075 – Meiji Aura’s Lucario (used) - $3.00 (and a picture, I’m not sure if I already have it)

updated added a few things

Dammit, why used treeko/mudkip? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can I see a pic of the torchic? What’s not mint about it?

Very interested in the quick starter set if it’s got all the bits to it too… And the decks. Argh, I want it all!!!

dang dogma beat me to it for the quick starter set.just a question would you happen to have any other 10th anniversary pokemon center already interested in the charmander.

Shpunto, could you let us know what you’re asking for roughly on each item?

I’m sure we’ll work something out though as you’re very reasonable :blush:

Legendslugia: this is NOT in my interests as it’ll likely drive the price up, but put an offer in if you want :blush:

Hey I just updated the post with a link to an album and some prices. Please note I changed the description on the Quick Starters. I thought the magazine was sealed, but there were no cards in it, so I added the diglett/dugtrio to it. Please read description carefully. I will take offers lower than price listed. Thanks!

did you have some of the gym decks for sale awhile back besides the erika and the sabrina ones or did you just sold them

I had Blaine + Misty, but someone has already spoken for them. Sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

added some cards at top in bold…

Do you still have this card here?

019 – Pokemon Center Tokyo (Pikachu) (near mint to mint) - $50.00

If so I would really really love to get it from you^^