Selling a few decks/cards

Hey everybody,

Just listed a few auctions on eBay for some Japanese decks and cards.

Feel free to check them out:


nice might bid

I’ll buy the Neo 3 set. Would you rather it through eBay or on here?

(I’m in the UK so will that up the shipping a lot?)

When I get home I will make a YouTube video showing your listing because manny of my friends might buy some ;D


The shipping will be about the same to the UK, there just won’t be any tracking. Also, I just acquired a sealed Neo 3 promo set, let me know if that also interests you.


Thank you you for advertising my auctions to your friends. I have a ton more Japanese cards that I will be selling in the future. Also, what is the condition of your Victory Ring? I am looking for a mint one. Thanks.

I think I’d rather have the sealed one. There’s loads going for $15 at the moment… ( is that reasonable to you? (Shipping extra of course)