wants - JP Booster boxes Neo 3 and 4, Eseries 4 and 5

Japanese booster boxes in urgent need!!!

Neo 3 awakening legends sealed $450
Neo 4 darkness and to light sealed $450
Eseries 4 Split earth sealed $450
Eseries 5 Mysterious mountains sealed $450

PM me please!!!

Thank you

You won’t find any of those at those prices


Odd you’re only willing to drop $450 on a Neo 4 Box ($7.5 a pack)

But when I inquired about the Neo 4 packs you had a few months back you wouldn’t take any thing less then $35 a pack…



I only put up $450 on this as someone told me to put up some prices while looking for things. apparently it draws more people to it so a seller can give me a real price they are looking for if they have the products I want.

This is what I was advised to do…still dont know if it works or not.

I dont know the correct prices of how much a sealed box of neo 4 is worth…however I did spot one on ebay last week which sold for a reasonable price.

for a good condition box, you’d be looking at around 1k each for the boxes you’ve listed. And the prices will only rise from here on out.


Woow as much as 1k for just a good condition box.
Its ashame nobody has contacted me with having any of the boxes yet.

A lot of collectors here are searching for those boxes as well. They aren’t exactly common, and finding one even up for sale is a rare occurrence. Especially when you’re offering to pay far below market value. Nothing personal, just letting you know.

Yes TBH, you should have snagged that one last week - that’s probably the cheapest you’ll see. I can’t believe it went that cheap…had I known I would have scooped it up myself!

yeh I know, just didnt get there in enough time to snag it. If you think that was a bargain.

check this one which sold in may 2015


That only happened due to the fact that the seller didn’t know the full value

and it was bought almost instantly

Estimates given above are realistic and the $180 deal for Neo 4 box is lucky occasion, doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen again in future. :wink:

There’s sealed Neo 3 in really nice condition, might be worth the try.


Everyone is watching this thing. *sets snipe at higher price now* :slightly_frowning_face:

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haha that is crazy! someone definitely didn’t know what they have.

And yes, everyone and their momma is watching that neo3 auction - its even on mine :blush:

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i am considering placing a bid on It to and I havent bought a booster box in years.