Complete Japanese Neo 3 and 4 + Booster Boxes

I am looking for some suggestions on how to price my complete Japanese Neo 3 Revelation and Neo 4 Destiny sets with shinings. I also have sealed booster boxes of each. I thought it would be cool to list the sets individually with the corresponding booster box to the set. I have done this for the neo 4 set already but no real offers yet. I have set my price high as I do not know the value. If anyone can please help me out with the best way to list these items and approximate values.

*Also in my neo 4 I am missing two nonholos: Unown X and Radio Tower. If anyone has extras please message me and see if we can work out a deal.

a box of NEO 4 sold couple weeks back for 500 so that should tell you how much it goes for a complete set with shinings you can get around 200-400 for about if people are willing to shell out that much since some of the shinings have been listed on ebay.a few have ended less than 50 and some have gone higher.for NEO 3 a booster box also from the same seller went to i believe 300-400 i forgot how much.