Complete Japanese Neo 3 Set & Both GET Cards

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with pricing my complete Japanese neo 3 (Revelations) card set. I finally just got the Shining Gyarados to complete the whole set (Had the Magikarp for awhile). Looking for some opinions on what I might be able to get if I listed the full set on ebay. There is currently one set on there for $130 but it does not include the shining cards.

Also a good price to list the GET fan club Eevee and Porygon together.


I’d price the GET cards together at $350.

That’s too bad. Definitely not what I was hoping to hear. Would I be in the wrong to attempt at listing for $450 just to see if there are any bites?

I would like to list the complete pop 5 promo set as well. This has the gold stars and every card is the non holo pulled from the actual packs. Any price suggestions?

a complete NEO 3 set with shinys for 450 is not bad but only thing valuable is just the 2 shinys.each of em range from the 30-70 each.the commons and uncommons are easy to get and the holos wont set you back much but if you want to sell a whole set start from the 300 range and go from there

Sorry I meant $450 for the Eevee and Porygon GET set