Japanese price check

Hi all,

it has been - and rightly so - pointed out to me that my previous question was to extensive. So I’ve limited my question to 4 sets that I’m struggling to get a price on. These sets are as follows:

  • VS series (complete and in NM state);
  • Ultra Shiny GX (complete and in NM/M state);
  • E series 1 (complete and in NM state); and
  • Neo destiny (near complete in NM state/Shining cards in NM/M state).

Any help would be appreciated.

This would take a LOT of time and work to answer accurately. If you asked about just one set okay but over 30 sets? Sorry bro, no time.

Maybe smpratte’s Patreon would be a good place to turn. It would cost you some but would be well worth it. You’d get a truly accurate answer.

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Well I guess that a fair answer! I’ll limit my question to the 3/4 sets that I’m really struggling with. Thanks again for the prompt reply.

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I would value a complete vs set at about 500 usd.

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Ultra shiny gx, do you mean just the gx or the shinies or a full master set?
I used some shop prices so this is pretty rough estimate:

Shiny gx & full arts: $500 USD
Regular shiny: $109 usd
Prisms: $8.50 usd
RR gx: $35 usd
Common/uncommon: $25-50 usd

Price will vary based on what you have access to enable to acquire cards and the upcharge for acquiring an over 251+ card set.