2 Questions: Shining Legends 78/73 Complete Mint Set &...

Aloha E4,

Just trying to get a price check on a mint condition complete set? I was going to try and put it for sale but every sold listing doesn’t give me a good gouge on how to price it. Most of the prices I see are from a half set or graded shinings only. Thanks for the help!
Other question, not specifically for this set, but is it better to grade an entire set or keep it raw if you plan on selling it in the future?

If I were trying to find a price for this set, I would check out TCG Player or Troll and Toad for prices and add those up. Unfortunately most of the premium cards for this set aren’t worth much right now, with all the Shining cards being 10 dollars and under, regular Holos being about a 20 cents to a dollar, and commons/uncommons being 20 cents and under. (I took these numbers from TCG Player) The rainbow rares + test tube Mewtwo are where most of the money is in this set. Considering this, I don’t think grading the whole set would really be worth the time + money, and you would probably find it much easier to sell as a raw set.

Still, after picking a number you’re satisfied with, there’s nothing wrong with trying to add a premium for selling it as a complete or master set. Start high and see if anyone bites. You can always lower it later.

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You can grade the shinings and gxs but at psa 9 u will break even or potentially take a loss. I would list it up on the market closer to recent sold buy it nows, and hopefully it sells well!

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Appreciate the feedback. This wasn’t a set I planned on grading. Maybe the GX Ultra Shiny. Thanks again @ptccards, @khairis.


no problem!

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