How much would a japanese nm/m set including all the shinings go for
neo 4 normal set, missing a few unknowsn.

is it better to grade the shining?
all my shining are either psa 9, or 10 eligible

i have

neo 3 magikarp

corocoro mew

is it better to grade then sell or just sell
im looking to make good money so any idea what the priocing should be

If you’re confident you might get 9’s and 10’s turn on the jets and get them to PSA, it will be profitable!

ok i will do that, how much should i hope for making of them?
should i resell the graded cards as a set or individually

well as 10’s and if you find the right buyer they will easily be $100 each (CoroCoro Mew and Charizard even more)! So all together would be $1000+ I’m not sure if someone is willing to spend such great amount at once so I would suggest selling them seperately. But you can really only tell when you know your grades. I hope you get some sweet gradings!

thanks, im looking to get only 2 10’s and those are mewtwo and riachu, rest 9, proabably will end up with all 9’s though ;/

There’s a comparable auction on ebay at the moment. I got my eyes on it for a while and it does not sell. Another reason might be that there are a lot of collectors who only look for a specific card out of the set or are not comfortable with varying grades or whatever. If you split them up you might not sell them all immediatley but hey they are also amazing cards to have in your personal collection (and sooner or later you will find a buyer)!

I used to own that set plus the other 2 Neo 3 shining cards he has for sale. I think I sold all 10 to him for about £550 iirc so that should give you an indicator of what the set should sell for.

Ok good, i was looking for at least $800- $1,200

IS IT BETTER TO SELL ON YAHOO AUCTION JAPAN??? cause i see there more demand on these cards in japan more

my middle man can upload for me
if i would should i get them graded since japanese clients are not much familiar with psa grading.


If you’re Japanese Shining Charizard got a Gem Mint 10 it would be the first. I’d say that is something to shoot for right there ;)Charizard collectors would go nuts to have it!

naah sadly my charizard a definite 9, but yeah im hunting a gem mint one to grade myself
ive got an 8 and 9 so far

Speaking as someone looking for shining cards to complete my Neo sets, I’d list them individually. I cannot see myself parting with a grand to buy them all together even if I had the money. Plus, you could probably get away with charging slightly more for the individual cards than as a lot.

There’s no such thing as a “definite 9”. If its 9 quality it could get an 8 or 10. The only exception is an easily measured centering issue.

no cause it was purchased from a guy who cracked opened his psa 9 case


Once you crack open a PSA case and resubmit the card for grading, there is no guarantee it will get the same grade as before. If resubmitted it would likely get a PSA 9 but it is not a definite.

well you guys all know what i mean, sheesh