Value of a complete VS Set


I’m new here and this is my first post so firstly thanks for taking to the time to look in. Please correct em if I’ve posted in the wrong area or something like that.

Well back to the topic! I’ve been offered a Complete Near Mint/Mint (Actually NM/M I’ve bought from this person before quite a lot).

It’s first edition set and included every set card and energies just no Secret Rare. The last Rocket’s Tyranitar went for $30 so I’m not too worried.

It was offered @ $400 is that a fair price? Or would you think collecting them over time in singles/lots by auctions would be better. I know it’s a lot more fun but I’m thinking about money and really want it complete. It’s a missing piece of my collection I’d really like to complete.

Also is there an unlimited set for VS every VS card i own is 1st edition not by choice just every lot i buy every card seems to be 1st Edition.

There is no unlimited VS set. Only available in 1st edition.

Hey, firstly welcome to UPCCC :blush:

And all VS cards from boosters were 1st ed, there was a single lapras promo and some sort of promo/blister that was given out at a tournament which i believe was unlimited but im not 100%.

To me $400 seems a reasonable price, especially in nm/m condition but I personally enjoy collecting the set more fun then just buying it so it would depend on what you prefer.

$400 Seems like quite a lot. The way I went by completing my set was purchasing lots and eventually singles. In the end I ended up spending around $210 for pretty much a complete set with a bunch of extras. I started the journey around May of last year and just finished last week with the set. It was a very fun experience.