Team Rocket 1st Edition Set - price ROCKET!

Hey everyone just want to ‘rant’ @ look for some views on recent lots I’ve missed out on,

Numero 1

Numero 2

These sets just went way over what I was expecting to pay, I am currently collecting the Team Rockets, I mean £320 @ £400 - $450 @ $570, that seems a lot, is that right?

I purchased a set for around half this around 6 months ago, have prices increased that much? or are these just one off lots, anyways I also wanted to ask how are prices faring for other 1st edition NM/ MINT completed sets? I know quite a few people on here must purchase them, has there been price increases?

Sorry lots of questions but I really can’t comprehend it, the most valuable card in the set - Dark Charizard even at a 10 doesn’t make up enough of the monetary value of the set, also that is if that card gets a 10, Team Rocket 10s are otherwise quite reasonable in comparison to other sets,

Hope that makes sense, would really appreciate some answers on how prices are going as I was looking to start buying some more 1st edition sets from the WOTC era,

Thanks in advance

Seems awfully high to me…,.

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That is crazy prices, I am impressed that both of these auctions ended at the exact same time:
22 May, 2016 19:23:53 BST

yeah i wouldn’t pay close to that much, better of buying a 1st edition box and getting mint holos at that price

Nowadays in France, Team Rocket 1st edition set in mint condition can be sold for 1000€!
Yes, some french people are crazy (or stupid).
In a few years, the prices (for french cards) have skyrocketed due to a lot of speculators on Youtube or Ebay…


I’m glad to hear people agree on here, I wonder whether it is just youtubers and ebayers hyping up prices, but these seem ridiculous!

Once they decide a year from now to sell them for the same reasons that they sold their childhood sets, then the prices should come back down.


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Lol… i don’t even bother trying to look at pound ending auctions these days for sets…

Prices are just going super crazy, similar to in Australia… it’s usually people who are just getting into the hobby that don’t know the market well, and remember the team rocket set as a cool one… so bid crazy…

or it could be shilling? but i think its just the u.k market, their pound is so strong, it’s just all petty cash to them.

Well I’m in UK and got to say it’s cheaper for me to buy sets from USA/ AUS by a lot, that includes shipping and taxes,

There is a lot of money in the UK for the hobby at the minute maybe the prices are increasing higher just locally,

Yeah true!
I believe the u.k marketplace fetches the highest price globally for pokemon sets at the moment.

I don’t sell much compared to the bigger boys on here…probably 30-50 sets in the last year. Cohesively track sets prices often, and the u.k buyers spend the most.

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Def not a global trend

It’s difficult to compare as it’s hard to find older sealed products around here, but the prices here in Finland are really high as well so I really understand you. I’m in the same situation. It is cheaper for me to buy booster packs from the US now rather than locally, as well. I think it’s crazy. Together with shipping it’s still much less than what I’d need to pay if I wanted to buy from a Finnish website. That’s why I’m still waiting for my Fates Collide boosters. The order was shipped on the release date and I still haven’t received it. The wait is difficult but I prefer to save some money.

There used to be places with reasonable prices but are much more expensive everywhere right now after the prices were increased a little bit in general everywhere. I remember when an online store sold booster boxes (newer sets) for about 99 euros (around $107 with today’s value). Today the same store sells all newer booster boxes for 139 € ($150).

Oh and not to even mention single packs on super markets etc. 6 € ($6.40) per pack today. And tins today are 28 € ($30) on markets. That’s insane. I remember being able to get them for half of that price online back on the good days…

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