UK sellers - is this price insane

I don’t know what it is about UK sellers their prices always seem to be much higher. I’m not sure why they think old cards are worth much more than they are or much more than US, European and Australian cards which are the exact same.

I bring this up so see what everyone thinks of this offer.
22 skyridge holos
2 reverse crystals (celebi and a golem)
2 sealed skyridge packs
Lots of reverse holo

The buyer wants $1600. I offered $200. Considering I’ve bought a mint master set (all crystals got psa 10)for $1100 I think $200 is a fair offering point. The guy says I’m so far off he can’t counter.

Is it just me or is there just a higher concentration of UK who think they’ll get crazy amounts for their cards. $600 for 1st edition team rocket set mint when it goes for $125-200 in the US and AUS. Unlimited base set for $1000.

A UK seller sold a mint skyridge set for $900+ recently. Some of them are reasonable other just seem so far off.

They’re getting 600.00 for TR Sets? Dang. It may be time to list under UK usernames.

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Trying to get. I know they are selling for slightly more because of the countries GDP value compared to other countries. But some of them are asking for 3-5x the price without wanting to negotiate anywhere near half those prices.

Maybe Pokémon cards aren’t as common over there as they are in the US, so they think they might get more $ from UK buyers? Not sure lol.

I live in the uk but don’t collect English cards, I will put this into the picture though, in shops the lowest price for booster packs I have seen is £3.50 and they aren’t sold in too many shops either, I have no idea how much packs are in the US but I am guessing both of these points are a factor?

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We pay $4.50 to 5.99 so almost the same. I’m talking about for older cards primarily. I’m saying the huge price disparity isn’t due to our currencies having different values. They should be relative with a slight variations due to customs. Some of them are 2-3 what are sold for everywhere else

I agree with the french are high. I guess it could reflect that those countries are harder to find so they are pricing accoridng to their countries prices.

Maybe it’s certain sets as well. It’s the e series, neo Destiny, base and somenex series

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This is very true! Europe is pretty insulated in regards to wholesale and purchasing recently released cards. I was speaking with one of the major dealers in Germany about this the other day. They adjust their prices different in relation to customs fees, and other disincentives that arise from shopping abroad.

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mmmm got that right like this sik deal -

If I was living in the UK I would never buy locally. They could buy all the cards in Australia with their tasty conversion rate.

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As someone from the UK, I can say from my experience it’s pretty mixed. One thing I have noticed is that stuff like booster packs and booster boxes definitely and consistently sell for more here than in the US, and by some margin at times. I guess the supply is smaller relative to the demand here, and also if it’s a EU-to-EU deal, we don’t have to pay high shipping and import charges so maybe there is a premium that is put onto those products because of this, and I think Americans can be forgiven for forgetting about this factor.

I think even single cards do too, but being as they’re much more common than packs/boxes there is more variation in the prices. PSA graded cards seem to have more or less universal values, and everything depends on the seller as an individual when negotiating prices for these, I haven’t noticed any trend in nationalities.

Regarding OP, I would say NM skyridge holo’s can comfortably sell for £10 each on average, the reverse crystals maybe £25 each and the packs probably £50 each which is £370 = about $575 without considering the reverse holo’s. Prices just what I estimate based on the UK ebay market.

As a french guy, prices in France are inflating since two years because of some resellers who speculate on Pokémon cards.
Especially one guy on Ebay, he has a youtube channel and likes to overprice values of his cards in his videos, as he has a large visibility on youtube, false high prices spread easily …

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I find a lot of the prices for a number of things are lower in the U.S than even in Canada. I usually buy a lot of older auto parts from the U.S as they can be half the price just because the demand here is high and the supply from the U.S is so great. The conversion rate is really screwing us Canadians lately. Damn Saudis