Dark Charizard 1st edition PSA 10

A couple of months ago this card seemed to be selling for close to $650 the value is closer to $500-$550 now. I always liked this card and expected it to keep rising but it seems to have peaked any opinions on this?

There are a bunch of reasons, but perhaps the one that overshadows the others is the fact of popularity. The Rocket set was given a boost of interest, partially due to influences such as the PSA magazine featuring it. There was naturally an influx of people grading them due to the increase in interest and value, so a level of market saturation occurred. It has peaked for now and may continue to decrease in the short-medium term, but generally you’d expect a gradual and consistent rise in the mid-long term.

Actually this card in PSA 10 recently sold for just under $400. www.ebay.com/itm/PSA-10-1st-Edition-Team-Rocket-Dark-Charizard-Holo-4-82-Gem-Mint-Pokemon/263478577016?hash=item3d588c0778:g:TrEAAOSwn9Vad~O9 And multiple listings after are selling between $400-450.

But it’s not just Team Rocket, most of the WOTC sets seem to be dropping, even 1st edition Base Set. Some people say its because everyone is in saving mode but I guess we’ll wait and see. I’m not complaining though, I’ve been having fun buying this stuff cheap.

A ton of PSA 10s are falling in value and a bunch of PSA 9s keep rising. I think the gap is just closing


OMG! Did I actually sell at the right time for once?!
Seems like yesterday this card was hitting $700+


It’s because Pokemon GO is dead. lulz

No seriously, I have to agree with everyone here. I actually thought $600-700 was stupid low for Dark Charizard or even Blaine’s Charizard in 1st Edition. I expected these cards to hit the $1000 mark rather quickly, but I guess we can only wait and see what happens in the coming years. These numbers don’t make sense to me when I see Base Charizard upwards of $2000.

Do you think $450 is a good price to pay for it right now?

Base set PSA 10 is everyone’s sub for not being able to afford the shadowless PSA 10 versions so I’m not surprised thats hovering around 2K

I expected Dark Charizard to be closer to $1K since its the first time we saw dark pokemon hopefully it rebounds from this dip recently.

I think we can slowly accept that growth has declined for Charizards…

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9 is the new 10 :wink:

I just think that the Dark Zard (and other Dark cards) are some of the best for artwork. They’re still wotc, have 1st edition, and is a decent challenge to obtain all together. The set brings back good memories for me just like Base, jungle, and fossil. I just like them!

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Just bought it using my 20%. In total came to $402.



$450 is definitely a fair price, 1 just sold for $544 today. But it could be someone taking advantage of the 20% off deal.

Edit: NVM, that sale price was 100% based off the 20% discount.

Absolutely. I’m not even denying that fact. I was actually tempted to start collecting Base Set 10s a few months ago, but I opted for Shadowless 9s instead. I’m not even saying Dark Charizard should be anywhere close to $2000, but $400-500 is silly. Someone should do a buy out and get the price back where it should be. :grin:

@jcincy101 has a good point too. People didn’t believe me 3 months ago when I was saying PSA 8-9 cards would catch up. I know that there’s a bunch of people on here that have been spoiled with an over abundance of PSA 10 holos from every set for dirt cheap. Well the new collectors have the same kind of budget that you guys did and they also notice there’s hardly a difference between a 9 and a 10 so it shows in the prices too. Maybe 2-3 years ago you could spend $10k a year on this hobby and buy PSA 10 all day for a few hundred, but that’s a thing of the past. I’m in that boat now and it’s not like I’m going to buy 1 or 2 cards per year, so I settle on 9s or whatever deal I can find.

It also makes me realise there’s WAY less high end investors/collectors than I imagined. I think I realised that when I saw that Shadowless Set get totally robbed for $30k. I still have no words for what happened there.

Maybe the poster above was the person who bought yours :blush:

Not surprised they went down. It was only after the article in SMR it had that spike. but like others said they are sitting between $400-$500 I even saw one sell for $350 last month on auction. But yeah prices are down all across the board because of market saturation it seems like EVERYONE is selling their cards now way more than ever before. will prices pick up? I hope but my guess it won’t be for a long time. I fell bad for those that bought Psa 10 1st ed base holos back mid-late last year.

I’m betting we see a decent price increase in late June/July. I’ve been pretty active buying/selling/collecting WOTC for seven years now, and I’ve noticed that prices always rebound in the summer months. I know a large segment of this hobby is composed of college students, many of whom only earn a discretionary income at summer jobs . . . that’s not to say that prices will hit new all-time highs, but I think WOTC will see another surge. The way I see it, most sellers are on eBay year-round, but not all the buyers; this creates a winter saturation which results in sellers lowering prices to undercut one another. In the summer, the buyer pool increases starting a chain reaction in which auction prices increase, BIN listings increase due to greater demand, sellers become more hesitant to sell due to the upward trend in value, thereby diminishing the number of copies on the market. Of course, I’ve been wrong before, but I’m hoping to repost this in four months, so you will all be impressed with my foresight.


There is also constant availability for the dark charizards. Since the beginning of February, 7 PSA 10’s have sold on eBay and there’s currently 8 listed right now. If theres a BIN for $599 or best offer, it makes sense to me that the auctions are going for $100+ lower than that. I think eventually the market will dry up for these

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That’s how I see it as well. Lets hope we’re right or it will be time to start panic selling a few things. :grin: