Good Deal?

After selling off my entire eBay Store and Collection a few years ago, I decided to get back into collecting. I’m attempting to re-build my old collection (all WotC Pokemon Sets).

To make a long story short, I just purchased the following four sets: Gym Heroes, Gym Challenge, Neo Genesis, and Neo Discovery.

The cards are described as being MINT - Pack Fresh - from a trusted eBay Seller (we talked awhile before this purchase). So, let’s assume the cards are NM+/M (fingers crossed). Anyway, I paid $700.00 for the four sets (inc. shipping).

Does this seem like a good deal - or just “market value”?

Just wanted to get another opinion, I’ve checked the sold listings on eBay and from those it appears I did OK.

1st edition or unlimited? First edition I would say good deal especially if NM/M. Unlimited would be all right if they were very very mint near gem mint IMO.


Id say its not bad if theyre all actually as described. If theyre 1st edition then as above thats a big bonus. Make sure to show us some pictures when they arrive!

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It’s fair if everything is as described. For unlimited, I’d value the gym sets and neo genesis at about 200 a piece, maybe a bit more. Neo Discovery is probably the least desired out of the Neo sets, but definitely still worth more than 100. Taking into account the discount you should get for purchasing multiple sets… it seems just about right. Welcome back to the game. :blush:

My boy :wink:

Thanks Everyone!!!

They’re all Unlimited Sets - probably should have mentioned that haha

I’ll be sure to post some pictures once they arrive, until then I’m keeping my fingers crossed!