Japanese Shining PSA 9 Magikarp and 10 Gyarados

I just got a couple cards graded and wondering if anyone can help me value them. Both are the shinings from Neo 3.

Triple Star Japanese Shining Magikarp PSA Mint 9
Triple Star Japanese Shining Gyarados PSA Gem Mint 10

Please let me know what you think and if any one is interested I will definitely entertain offers.


Got a picture?

Here is the picture of the cards. Looking to list immediately so any pricing suggestions would be a huge help. I have the complete Neo 3 set too.


So I sold the rest of the cards bust still have the PSA shinings. Can anyone please help value. I was hoping for around $220 for the PSA 10 Gyarados and maybe around $120 for the PSA 9 Magikarp. Are my prices realistic? I haven’t had much action on ebay but I set my price high on there assuming people would offer the true value.

I personally think your prices are fair.

I would suggest maybe trying a $0.99 live auction for each individually. Just put up a good pic of each. That might just do the trick. I’ve seen the Magikarp in PSA 10 condition go in the $200’s that way.

Thank you. I have revised the listings to start the auction att $.99 on ebay