WTB: Shining Gyarados and Shining Magikarp

Hey guys looking for these two cards in mint condition (ie grade able to Psa 9-10). I have my eye on some eBay auctions but thought I’d put feelers out to see if anyone can offer a deal. :blush:

Hi, do you want them for grading or just to make sure they are in really nice condition? I have two spare English unlimited Shining Magikarps that I would rate as Mint but not really PSA (9 or 10) material…

Ya I was leaning towards getting them graded. They’re two cards I really like and have wanted for a long time and I’m collecting up a bunch of cards to send in soon to Psa. What kind of wear is on them keeping them from say Psa 9 material?

Well, there is some whitening on the back edges, very little but PSA pays special attention to things like that. I can send you pictures when I get to it but for your purpose I would suggest you buy pack-fresh copies or invest a little to purchase them already graded. That way you avoid being worried about which grade they may recieve.

www.ebay.com/itm/Pokemon-Card-Neo-1st-edition-Shining-Gyarados-Magikarp-PSA-9-Secret-Ultra-rare-/231203833540?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item35d4d286c4 maybe the perfect auction for you?

Ya it might be a good idea to buy Psa ones but I was hoping to save a little. Ya I actually am watching that auction, the problem is I think it will sell really high since their 1st edition. While 1st edition is a nice bonus, its not necessary to me.

Found a guy on eBay willing to sell the two for $50. He said they’re perfect and went straight into a sleeve after removing them from booster packs. Does that seem like a reasonable price or maybe a bit much?

Very reasonable! I sold some Mint copies awhile back for $70. :blush:

I would ask if he can send you a picture of the cards (particularly the back).

It’s a bit expensive in my opinion. I’ve seen “Mint” Shining Gyarados usually go around 25 to 35 but I find it hard to see how the Magikarp plays out with complete total.

However, if you’re going to make them PSA graded and already have the cards in line to do so, I don’t think it’s too much of a loss. I’ve done ebay deals in the past for a few dollars extra just for the sake of convenience.

Those are my thoughts anyway.

Edit: I agree with soulwind about the pictures just to be sure.

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Ok thanks guys. I think if it is indeed perfectly mint I’ll snag them and grade them. Waiting for pics of the back.

Looks like the magikarp has some wear on the back. :confused:

Anyone have any gem mint or Psa graded copies they want to sell?

Supposedly perfect condition: www.ebay.com/itm/shining-magikarp-/291123820619?pt=Trading_Card_Games_US&hash=item43c854f84b

Haha ya that’s the one I was negotiating with the seller for. :grin:
Thanks though

Any others?

Well I went ahead and bought a shining magikarp Psa 9 for $43 and a shining Gyarados Psa 9 for $45

Oops using an app. Accidentally sent before finishing message.

So ya spent a bit more than I would have grading myself BUT that’s only it I could actually get two mint 9 ungraded cards for $50. What do you guys think? Did I overpay?

Not too bad. I would have expected $45-50 for two mint, ungraded cards. Throw in PSA fees and shipping costs and you are looking at a minimum of $80 after you’ve graded the two cards. They may have gotten anything from PSA 8 to PSA 10 depending on how mint they were. I think you might have gotten a better deal if you waited, but ungraded mint cards are becoming harder to find each day since so many people use PSA now.

This one would be destined to go cheap.
Wins the award for either WORST or LAZIEST title lol

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Hmm well shoot maybe I’ll see if I can pick those up cheap and grade them and sell a set to balance out my foolish buy. :confused: only problem is there are no returns with those but I guess if I got them cheap I could just resell as nm if it didn’t work out to be mint.

I wouldn’t be too concerned over it. You paid a pretty fair price, it just wasn’t a steal. :blush:

Ok cool thanks Soulwind. I still may pick those auction ones up if they stay cheap. But even if I did overpay a bit I’m excited to add them to my collection. I’ve wanted them for awhile. I love the artwork on shining Gyarados and magikarp. Honestly I think those two are the two coolest shining cards followed by a close 3rd and 4th for tyrannitar (don’t remember how to spell it) and raichu. Then probably mewtwo and noctowl then charizard and kabutops and then celebi. But that’s just my personal opinion.

In short though I always appreciate your input Soulwind!

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Well I bid on them. Dang probably should have waited on the PSA ones. I got these for $15.50 and $14.50 plus shipping. Hopefully they’ll be good enough to submit to PSA but we’ll see. If not I could probably break even selling as NM I would think. If they are good enough for PSA then I can just sell the other set. :blush: But nonetheless I should have been patient. Ugh a lesson I never seem to learn :slightly_frowning_face: