Sale/Trade Thread

thats alot of cards for trade lol.i think i have some of the cards your looking for.

Are you willing to sell your old Corocoro’s rather than trade?

I have a few of the cards you want but not enough for a full trade I think…

Ya I would be, however, most of the CoroCoro are in used condition (whitening around back edges/surface scratching) because they are so old. So if you’re looking for mint only, let me know which ones you want and I’ll check the condition. Also, I will buy cards in the future, (right now I’m saving up some money) so let me know what you have on my list and I might buy it from you.

updated my list a bit

added some cards for sale

how much would u be selling some of the coro coro promos?

ummm it depends on the condition, most of these cards are not in mint condition due to previous owners and how old they are. Also depends on how rare they are. Also, pikachus/mews/mewtwos will probably be slightly higher. Let me know which ones you’re most interested in. Thanks!

How much would Pryce’s Sneasel be to Australia?

How does $6 (including shipping) sound? PM if thats okay with you.


How much for the CoroCoro Shining Mew, as well as the World Hobby Fair 2000 set, shipped to Illinois?

how much for the play promo umbreon inc delivery to the UK

m786ali, I do not own a play promo umbreon, that is under my wants list.

politoed666, just so you know those cards are used, is that okay with you? The World Hobby Fair is in relatively decent shape. The Totodile and Chikorita are in near mint condition, the Cyndaquil has a few very minor indentations on it. I could sell the set for $2. I have 2 used CoroCoro Shining Mews, one that is in really bad condition with creases, bends, whitening, and scratches, and one that has some minor surface scratches on back and front and some minor whitening on back edges plus one identation. The bad condition one I could do $10, and the one in better condition $20. Shipping would be $1.39 (padded bubble envelope). I can add tracking for $0.80 extra. Let me know if they still interest you.

just a question would you happen to have a bill’s pc from vending series 3?

Hey, I only have one in my personal collection which is not for sale/trade…sorry.

Hm. I’d be willing to do $20 for a gem mint one, but that seems a little much for one that’s in subpar condition. Can you provide a scan of the Mew in better condition, please?

Mint ones usually go around $30-35, sometimes more on eBay. Here are some pictures of mine:

mint coro coro mew’s go for at least more than 40 sometimes now so if hes selling for for 20 its a steal really.i picked mines up around the 20 mark so its really worth it and trying to find the coro coro mew also is abit hard now as well