My Trade Thread! Updated 7/20/2015

Hey guys, I thought I would make a thread and post some cards I’m looking to buy and/or trade for. These range from some pretty simple things that you probably have laying around to some of the more rarer cards I’m trying to get my hands on. Forgive me if my lists seem a bit scattered lol. I’ll start off with my wants.


Japanese Base Charizard NM/M
Japanese Base Blastoise NM/M
Japanese Base Venusaur NM/M
Bilingual Exeggutor NM/M
1/e M Charizard EX 089/80 NM/M
1/e M Blastoise EX 015/060 NM/M
1/e M Venusaur EX 002/060 NM/M
1/e M Rayquaza EX 095/081 NM/M
1/e M Gengar EX 097/088 NM/M
Japanese Holo Gym Leader Trainers NM/M
1/e Mew Gold Star 015/068 NM/M
Japanese Ancient Mew I (Error or Corrected) NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Zapdos EX 063/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Moltres EX 014/020 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Mewtwo EX 064/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Dragon Vault Rayquaza EX FA 053/050 NM/M

Misc. Japanese Cards Wants
Japanese Base Set Charizard NM/M
Japanese Base Set Blastoise NM/M
Japanese Base Set Venusaur NM/M
Japanese Holo Gym Leader Trainer Cards(Sabrine, Giovanni, Koga, etc… looking for all of them holo) NM/M
All Japanese Crystal Pokemon 1/e (Celebi is top want)
All Japanese Shining Pokemon NM/M(Shining Mew included)
WEB Magikarp 035/048 1/e NM/M
Mew Gold Star 015/068 1/e NM/M
Japanese Ancient Mew I (Error or Corrected) NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Zapdos EX 063/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Moltres EX 014/020 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Mewtwo EX 064/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Suicune EX 069/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Entei EX 068/084 NM/M
Japanese Rocket’s Raikou EX 035/PCG-P NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Scizor EX 066/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Hitmonchan EX 060/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Scyther EX 061/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Snorlax EX 062/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Rocket’s Sneasel EX 067/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Here Comes Team Rocket 085/084 NM/M
1/e Japanese Dragon Vault Rayquaza EX FA 053/050 NM/M
1/e Japanese Milotic EX 004/018 NM/M

Japanese Promo Cards
Sunset Mew 033/P NM/M
____'s Mew 013/PLAY NM/M
Mew EX 007/PLAY NM/M
Moltres EX 009/PLAY NM/M
Articuno EX 010/PLAY NM/M
Zapdos EX 011/PLAY NM/M
Ho-Oh EX 030/PLAY NM/M
Lugia EX 031/PLAY NM/M
Japanese Ancient Mew(Both error and corrected) NM/M
Bilingual Exeggutor NM/M
Birthday Pikachu (2nd anniversary) NM/M
Birthday Pikachu (Natta Wake) NM/M
Battle Festa Pikachu 090/XY-P NM/M
CD Charizard NM/M
CD Blastoise NM/M
CD Venusaur NM/M
McDonald’s Chikorita 003/018 NM/M
McDonald’s Larvitar 018/018 NM/M
McDonald’s Holo Energy(All) NM/M
Masaki Gengar NM/M
Masaki Alakazam NM/M
Vaporeon Gold Star 022/PLAY NM/M
Jolteon Gold Star 023/PLAY NM/M
Flareon Gold Star 024/PLAY NM/M
Espeon Gold Star 025/PLAY NM/M
Umbreon Gold Star 026/PLAY NM/M
GB Great Rocket’s Mewtwo NM/M
GB Lugia NM/M
GB Dragonite NM/M
Fan Club Magikarp NM/M
Rocket’s Raikou EX 035/PCG-P NM/M

Japanese Phantom Gate Wants
M Gengar EX 079/XY-P, Sealed or Not, either works, NM/M
M Gengar EX 097/088 Phantom Gate 1/e NM/M
Gengar EX 090/088 FA Phantom Gate 1/e NM/M
Gengar EX 033/088 Phantom Gate 1/e NM/M
Battle Festa Pikachu 090/XY-P NM/M
Sealed 1/e Booster Box

Japanese Bandit Ring Wants
M Rayquaza EX 095/081 FA 1/e NM/M
Primal Groudon EX 094/081 FA 1/e NM/M
Primal Kyogre EX 093/081 FA 1/e NM/M
Lugia EX 092/081 FA 1/e NM/M
Celebi 142/XY-P NM/M
Sealed 1/e Booster Box

Japanese Emerald Break Wants
Rayquaza EX 085/078 FA 1/e NM/M
M Latios EX 083/078 FA 1/e NM/M
M Latios EX 049/078 1/e NM/M
Latios EX 048/078 1/e NM/M
Articuno 016/078 1/e NM/M

Japanese Wild Blaze Wants
M Charizard EX 089/080 1/e NM/M
M Charizard EX 088/080 1/e NM/M
Charizard EX 081/080 FA 1/e NM/M

Japanese Gaia Volcano/Tidal Storm Wants
Primal Groudon EX 074/070 FA 1/e NM/M
Primal Groudon EX 040/070 1/e NM/M
Rhyperior 032/070 1/e NM/M
Kyogre EX 031/070 1/e NM/M
Primal Kyogre EX 073/070 FA 1/e NM/M
Primal Kyogre EX 032/070 1/e NM/M
M Gardevoir EX 076/070 FA 1/e NM/M
Sharpedo EX 044/070 1/e NM/M

Japanese XY1 Wants
Venusaur EX 061/060 FA 1/e NM/M
Blastoise EX 061/060 FA 1/e NM/M
M Blastoise EX 015/060 1/e NM/M
M Venusaur EX 002/060 1/e NM/M

Misc English Card Wants
Shadowless Base Charizard 4/102 NN/M
Shadowless Base Blastoise 2/102 NM/M
Shadowless Base Venusaur 15/102 NM/M
1/e Base Raichu 14/102 NM/M
1/e Base Gyarados 6/102 NM/M
1/e Base Ninetales 12/102 NM/M
1/e Neo Revelations Shining Magikarp 066/064 NM/M
1/e Neo Revelations Shining Gyarados 065/064 NM/M
R/H Legendary Collection Alakazam 1/110 NM/M
R/H Legendary Collection Articuno 2/110 NM/M
R/H Legendary Collection Charizard 3/110 NM/M
R/H Legendary Collection Ninetales 17/110 NM/M
R/H Legendary Collection Dewgong 40/110 NM/M

Sorry this section might be a little scattered, the way I have my collection organized is kind of chaotic, but in way I understand lol, so please bear with me, I’m going to try to use some sort of system to list these cards.

Legendary Treasure Mew EX FA RC24/RC25 NM/M
Roaring Skies M Rayquaza FA 105/108 NM/M
Roaring Skies M Rayquaza EX 61/108 NM/M
Phantom Forces M Gengar EX 35/119 NM/M
Phantom Forces Gengar EX FA 114/119 NM/M
Primal Clash Primal Groudon EX 86/160 NM/M
XY Base Set M Blastoise EX 30/146 NM/M
Plasma Storm Moltres EX 14/135 NM/M
Plasma Storme Black Kyurem EX 95/135 NM/M
Phantom Forces Dialga EX 62/119 NM/M
XY Venusaur EX 1/146 NM/M
Promo Charizard EX XY17 NM/M
Promo Blastoise EX XY30 NM/M
Promo Rayquaza EX XY66 NM/M
Promo Mewtwo EX BW45 NM/M
Promo Lugia EX BW83 NM/M
Promo Deoxys EX BW82 NM/M
Promo Keldeo EX BW61 NM/M

Skyridge Crystal Crobat 147/144 NM/M

Neo Destiny Tyranitar 113/105 Very Small Crease near top of card but otherwise NM

CoroCoro Jigglypuff Grey Star EX/NM
Victini BW32 NM/M
Raikou HGSS19 NM/M
Entei HGSS20 NM/M
Suicune HGSS21 NM/M
4x Charizard 1/99 Prism Foil NM/M
Haxorus 16/20 Dragon Vault Stamp NM/M
Mew Black Star 8 NM/M
Dragonite Black Star 5 NM/M
Eevee BW94 NM/M
Vaporeon BW89 NM/M
Jolteon BW91 NM/M
Flareon BW88 NM/M
Espeon BW92 NM/M
Umbreon BW93 NM/M
Leafeon BW87 NM/M
Glaceon BW90 NM/M
Sylveon XY04 NM/M
Meloetta BW68 NM/M

1/e Zapdos 16/102 NM/M
1/e Machamp(Shadowless) 8/102 NM/M
Shadowless Ninetales 12/102 Edge Wear/Minor Scratches
3x Ninetales 12/102 Played
2x Gyarados 6/102 1x Lightly Played 1x Played
Hitmonchan 7/102 Lightly Played
Blastoise 2/102 Lightly Played
Charizard 4/102 Lightly Played
Venusaur 15/102 Lightly Played
2x Poliwrath 13/102 1x NM 1x Played
Clefairy 5/102 Played
Chansey 2/102 Poor
Raichu 14/102 Excellent+/NM
1/e Charmeleon 24/102 NM

2x Victreebel 14/64 NM
Pinsir 9/64 NM
2x Kangaskahn 5/64 1x NM 1x Lightly Played
2x Clefable 1/64 NM
Jolteon 4/64 EX
Nidoqueen 7/64 Lightly Played
Electrode 2/64 NM
Snorlax 11/64 NM/M

Articuno 2/62 NM/M
Kabutops 9/62 NM/M
Gengar 5/62 EX
Hitmonlee 7/62 NM/M
Raichu 14/62 NM/M
Lapras 10/62 NM
Moltres 12/62 NM/M
Muk 13/62 NM/M

Misty’s Tentacruel 10/132 NM
Erika’s Vileplume 5/132 NM

Base 2 Venusaur 18/130 Heavy Play
Neo Discovery Houndour 5/75 EX
Neo Discovery Houndoom 4/75 NM/M
Neo Discovery Unown A 14/75 Lightly Played
Neo Destiny Dark Scizor 9/105 NM/M
Neo Destiny Light Azumarill 13/105 NM/M

2x Plasma Storm Manaphy 34/135 (1 R/H) NM/M
2x Plasma Storm Klinklang 90/135 NM/M
2x Plasma Storm Weezing 58/135 R/H NM/M
Plasma Storm Garbodor 66/135 NM/M
Noble Victories Victini 14/101 R/H NM/M
Noble Victories Hydreigon 79/101 NM/M
3x Rising Rivals Jirachi 7/111 (2 R/H) NM/M
Rising Rivals Frost Rotom RT2 NM/M
Rising Rivals Charon’s Choice RT6 NM/M
Secret Wonders Raikou 16/132 (Prism Foil) NM/M
Secret Wonders Entei 4/132 (Prism Foil) NM/M
Secret Wonders Suicune 19/132 (Prism Foil) NM/M
Plasma Blast Blastoise 16/101 NM/M
Plasma Blast Haxorus 69/101 NM/M
Plasma Blast Houndoom 56/101 R/H NM/M
Boundaries Crossed Electivire 54/149 R/H NM/M
HGSS Arcanine 1/123 R/H NM/M
Plasma Freeze Dragonite 83/116 NM/M
Call of Legends Lugia 15/95 NM/M
Call of Legends Deoxys 2/95 NM/M
Legendary Treasures Garchomp 96/113 NM/M
Legendary Treasures Gardevoir RC10/RC25 NM/M
Legendary Treasures Serperior RC3/RC25 NM/M
Legendary Treasures Pikachu RC7/RC25 NM/M
Legendary Treasures Piplup RC6/RC25 NM/M
Legendary Treasures Torchic RC5/RC25 NM/M
Expedition Raichu 25/165 R/H NM/M
Flashfire Dusknoir 40/106 NM/M
Flashfire Shiftry 7/106 NM/M
Flashfire Butterfree 3/106 R/H NM/M
Platinum Giratina 28/127 NM/M
XY Gourgeist 57/146 NM/M


1/e Dragon Blast Mew EX FA 51/50 NM/M
1/e Shiny Collection Mew EX FA 024/020 NM/M
1/e Bandit Ring M Tyranitar EX 043/081 NM/M
1/e Rocket’s Articuno EX 010/020 NM/M

Neo 3 Shining Magikarp NM/M
Neo 3 Shining Gyarados NM/M
CoroCoro Shining Mew NM/M

1/e Mysterious Mountains Crystal Celebi 091/088 PSA Graded 8 NM-MT (Only looking to trade for mint condition ungraded version + some extra stuff)

CoroCoro Shining Mew NM/M
CoroCoro Giovanni’s Nidoking NM/M
CoroCoro Team Rocket’s Meowth NM/M
CoroCoro Misty’s Staryu NM/M
2x CoroCoro Computer Error NM/M
CoroCoro Murkrow NM/M
CoroCoro Yadoking NM/M
4x CoroCoro Scizor NM/M
ANA Zapdos/Moltres Complete w/Folder NM/M
ANA Articuno NM/M
ANA Dragonite NM/M
2x _____'s Chansey NM/M
Eevee 213/BW-P NM/M
Cool Porygon NM/M

McDonald’s Pikachu Holo 010/018 NM/M
McDonald’s Charmander Holo 004/018 NM/M
McDonald’s Squirtle Holo 007/018 NM/M
McDonald’s Slwopoke Holo 014/018 NM/M

1/e Jasmine’s Steelix 032/141 NM/M
1/e Rocket’s Raikou 094/141 NM/M
2x Rainbow Energy NM/M

1/e Bandit Ring Gyarados FA 021/081 NM/M

Base Alakazam Played
Quick Starter Master Ball NM/M
Gym Blaine’s Arcanine NM/M
2x Gym Koga’s Ditto NM/M
2x Gym Giovanni’s Nidoqueen NM/M
Gym The Rocket’s Trap EX/NM
Gym Blaine’s Moltres NM/M
Gym Rocket’s Moltres NM/M
Gym Misty’s Seadra NM/M
Gym Rocket’s Mewtwo NM/M
2x Gym Rocket’s Hitmonchan NM/M
Gym Misty’s Tentacruel NM/M
24x Gym Erica Holo (No Rarity) betweem EX-NM/M(Looking to trade for other holo gym leaders)
Neo Kingdra NM/M
Neo Lugia NM
Neo Steelix NM/M
Neo Slowking Poor
Neo Metal Energy EX/NM
Neo 2 Espeon NM/M
Neo 2 Politoed NM/M
Fossil Mew NM/M
Fossil Raichu Played
Southern Island Slowking NM/M
Team Rocket Magneton NM/M
Jungle Kangaskhan NM/M
Vending Articuno NM/M
Vending Mewtwo NM/M

1/e German Base Set Turtok(Blastoise) NM/M

Are you interested in a PSA 10 Japanese Shining Charizard?

I’m not so much into graded cards at the moment, but I am interested in it just to have it. I know I don’t have my card list up yet but would you be willing to trade? Or possibly trade + cash? If not what kind of price could you quote me on it. I’ve been out of the game for a while so I’m not caught up on going rates of things so I wouldn’t know what to offer

I could possibly do a cash/trade.

Tag me when you put up what you have for trade!

I’m heading to bed soon.

And as for a price, the last couple sold for ovedr $1000+

I have quite a few on the list Japanese Ancient Mew (Correct), Shining Mew, GB Lugia, Bilingual Exeggutor, both Birthday Pikachus and some more on there, mostly looking to sell but theres a few rare cards out there I’m willing to trade for (Shining Raichu, Mewtwo, some rare JP promos) so I’ll check out your have list first when you get it up.

I have the Charizard Ex FA 081, graded GMA 10. I can crack it out of the case if you wish? If not, you can do it if you prefer. Lmk if you’d be interested :blush:

I have the PSA 10 Exeggutor (click) for trade or sale, also a few other cards that are on your list. Let me know what you have and we’ll work something out!

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Okay guys, so I finally my haves list. I got a bit carried away when I started making it and ended up basically cataloging my entire holo collection, so there is definitely a really large amount of random/seemingly undesirable stuff up there, but I’m willing to trade anything and who knows, that random really cheap card that I have may be exactly something you have been looking for :blush:. But yea take a look over my list and hopefully we can make some trades!

Something else that I have also that I didn’t list is CASH. I’m always willing to buy things from my want list and beyond, although I’d prefer to trade or possible trade+cash.

Swolepoke - Sorry man, at the moment I’m not looking to spend that kind of money on Shining Charizard, I’d actually prefer a NM condition non-graded one to a graded one. I haven’t yet gotten into collecting graded cards.

Themastervault - I’m definitely interested in all those things, the Ancient Mew(Correct) is Ancient Mew I and not II though right? Like the one with the same holo pattern as the error version? That is the the one I’m looking for. Take a look over my card list and maybe we can come to a trade on something :blush:, of all the cards you listed my highest priority want is the Bilingual Exeggutor. Anyways see if you like anything

Patriot - I am interested in the card but honestly I don’t think I’d be willing to pay any sort of premium or trade more/better cards for it than I would for a non-graded version, if that isn’t a problem I’d gladly trade for it or buy it :blush:. Check over my list and see if there’s anything you may want and maybe we can come to a deal

acd - I just posted my list! check it out and get back to me

PM on the way.

I have both the birthday pikachus

Elam, thank you for letting me know in the messages but right now I’m really looking moreso to trade than to buy unless it’s something I really really want. I am interested in the Pikachu’s but not enough at this time to drop any cash on them. If you’d like to possibly trade for anything let me know :blush:

Also updated my wants list a little bit and have a big have’s update coming soon!

Ahh, forgot I posted here :slightly_frowning_face:

I’ll PM you.

Updated thread! A couple new haves and wants!

I have TONS of japanese holo gym Erica trainers (no rarity symbol on any of em either), ranging from EX-NM/M condition, looking to complete my japanese holo gym leader set so this could be a pretty good swap for anyone looking to trade one for one.

Everything else is for trade though, and just because I don’t have something listed on my wants doesn’t mean I don’t want it! You can also link me to a a thread or list of yours and we could possibly work something out with stuff that you do have.

I’m currently putting buying on hold until at the very least next friday and limiting myself to trades until then as I have spent a lot of money recently on cards.

Post or PM!



Hey guys Otakon is over so I’m back into buying cards again as well as trading! Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to trade at Otakon,it was really weird… and I only bought a few packs in which I just got a Magnezone EX so don’t have too many new things available lol

Are you still interested in buying my 2 birthday pikachus?

Elam - the birthday pikachu’s are cards that I do want, but at their current value there is just other things that I want more at the moment I’d rather spend those amounts on. Maybe in the future when I knock a few things off my wants list I’ll buy them. If you were interested in doing a trade or a trade+cash I’d be more inclined but right now I’m not looking to spend that kind of money on them, sorry :slightly_frowning_face:

What do you value:

Skyridge Crystal Crobat 147/144 NM/M
CoroCoro Shining Mew NM/M

1/e Mysterious Mountains Crystal Celebi 091/088 PSA Graded 8 NM-MT

Crobat - ~55$
Mew - ~40$

And the Celebi is priceless to me, I’d only be willing to trade it for an ungraded NM/M 1/e Crystal Celebi + some other random stuff.

But I like my Crobat and Mew moreso than I like Birthday Pikachu’s. Do you have any other stuff from my list?

If you by chance have a Fan Club Magikarp I’d be willing to drop some money on that, that’s my current top want

Hey man,

I have a nm/mint Japanese Shining Charizard if you’re looking to buy