Back from a hiatus, few things I'm looking for :)

Hey all! I’m back into collecting again from a pretty lengthy hiatus! I still have the large majority of my collection which I still love and adore, and when I get the chance later tonight or tomorrow I will be uploading pictures to my thread that still exists in the collection addiction section, but there is a few things on my bucket list that have been there for many many years that I would like to perhaps get out of the way, so I figure I’ll post about them here to see what I can come up with, thanks :blush:.

English 1/e Neo 3 Shining Magikarp NM/M
English 1/e Neo 3 Shining Gyarados NM/M
Japanese Birthday Pikachu Promo Card(Not the expensive Natta Wake One, the original that was reprinted in english)
Japanese Base Holo Set NM/M
Any and all Mew cards of any language and rarity
Japanese Mew* 1/e and UED
Chinese 1/e Base Set Charizard NM/M
Japanese 1/e M Gengar EX NM/M
Japanese Bilingual Exeggutor NM/M

Less Priority Wants (Huge wants just costs a lot of money and may need to work out payment plan type deals)
Japanese 1/e Crystal Celebi NM/M
Japanese Fan Club Shining Magikarp
Japanese 1/e Charizard* NM/M
Japanese Lottery Shining Ho-Oh and Lugia(preferably sealed though not required)
Japanese Lottery Shining Entei, Suicune, and Raikou(preferably sealed though not required)
Japanese Neo 4 Shining Set
Japanese 1/e Crystal Lugia NM/M
Japanese 1/e Crystal Ho-Oh NM/M
Japanese Players Club Espeon* (preferably sealed)
Japanese Players Club Umbreon* (preferably sealed)
Japanese Players Club Mew EX (preferable sealed)
English Neo Destiny 1/e Shining Set NM/M

That’s all I can really think of for right now, so if anybody here has any of these cards that they’d like to sell please let me know i’d gladly buy them or work something out, I’m looking for everything on both of my lists right now, thanks so much! So glad to be back actively collecting again I have been out of the scene for far too long! So much has happened in my absence and I have missed out on way too much action.

I have:

Japanese Birthday Pikachu Promo Card 2nd anniversary with stickers(Sealed condition)|
Japanese Bilingual Exeggutor (sealed in magazine)
Japanese holo fossil Mew NM/M condition
American Ancient Mew Sealed
English 1st edition Shining Noctowl NM/Mint

You can also check the link below on my ebay and see if you need anything else.

I have Chinese Charizards available.

1x BGS 9 Unlimited
1x Unlimited (currently at PSA)
1x Freshly pulled 1st Edition
1x 1st Edition(currently at PSA)

Are you interested in PSA-graded cards?

Hi :blush:

Elam - Sent PM :blush:

PokemonChina - I’m interested in your Freshly Pulled 1/e, not so much interested in any graded versions, is there any price you would be interested in parting with it at?

PokeConnect - Sorry, I’m not too interested in any graded cards

hisoka - Hi! :blush: