Japanese promo cards

Hey all,
Chasing some promo cards at the moment. The cards I’m after are:
-Fan club magikarp
-Fan club eevee
-Fan club porygon
-Lottery lugia/ho-oh

Condition wise, the minter the better but near mint or better would be excellent!

Would prefer ungraded card as graded would be out of my price range I feel.

Current budget is $1000 AUD but may be able to stretch a little depending on card condition.

Thanks in advance, drewy.

Fan club Eevee for $227 AUD


Legend thanks mate! How the hell do I buy it though, can’t read anything haha!

Use Google Chrome, it should translate it for you. Mandarake ships worldwide as well, so you’re good on that front.

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Wow! What is this mandarake place?Ive never heard of it before,it looks cool!

@thebeezneez108 It’s a Japanese chain, they have lots of anime and video game merch, also Pokemon stuff! It has some pretty cool cards at good prices. Its where I got my 1ED NM Latias star for $33. I’ve also picked up some new SR cards at great prices and they came in mint/gem condition.

Are their cards typically NM though? They don’t seem to be too good at specifying conditions. I’ve thought about buying from them but don’t want to take the risk of receiving poor condition cards.

Thanks fourthstartgc you are the man!
I just registered and I am waiting for the conformation email then I will be placing an order:-)

@jkuo Yes. All cards I have received from them were either mint or had any damage declared in the listing. I would buy with confidence, but they do not allow returns. I would be careful ordering anything really really expensive from them.

@thebeezneez108 Cool! Just don’t take @drewcastle’s fan club Eevee!

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That Eevee is a really good price. Only 22,000 on the English site, no shipping charge.

Thanks @fourthstartcg, so the quality is usually mint?
I found it on the English site. Will be hitting it up for sure! Now just to find the magikarp and porygon!

NM-Mint. They didn’t say anything about the quality or post pictures of the back, which they usually do if there are any issues. Glad to help out!

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Awesome! I’m gonna bite the bullet and do it, hopefully the picture is the actual card, really appreciate it mate!!

Just placed a small order of £14 including postage so I do not have to pay any customs fees.Waiting for them to send me a paypal invioce.Thanks again fourthstartgc for posting the link :slight_smile:

Let us know how it goes @thebeezneez108!

I have a PSA 5 Fan Club Karp coming back from grading

Do you know if you can order cards off the japanese part of the website?

I tried to buy from the Japanese bit,it would not let me.It would just go back to the address page.

Will do drewcastle,just hope they have what I ordered in stock,cant believe how cheap they are,well good:-)

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this should take you to the english page