Buying Lots!!! Looking for Quick Start Vending Set/Singles!!

I have been looking for these for a LOOOOONG time, and was already scammed out of $250 on them once, if anyone is selling I would really really love to buy, sealed or not, just in very good condition! Please let me know :blush: I have been looking for a very long time and am anxious and ready to buy! Also looking for a Fan Club Magikarp and Coro Coro Shining Mew. Please let me know! Also looking for a 10th anniversary sealed set!

I will work on making a comprehensive list and update shortly!

Thank you :blush:


Lottery Promo Lugia
Lottery Promo Ho-Oh
Sealed 10th Anniversary Commemorative Set
Japanese Mew* (1st edition)
Japanese Charizard* (1st edition)
Fan Club Magikarp (Would actually prefer ungraded to save money)
Fan Club Porygon (Would prefer ungraded)
Mew ex (PLAY Promo)
McDonalds Sunset Mew
CoroCoro Shining Mew <---- PURCHASED! Still looking for another in better condition, please provide back and front pictures
_____'s Mew (PLAY Promo)
Japanese Mew EX (1st edition) <---- PURCHASED BOTH, Still looking for a non-full art version though
Japanese Mew Promo (220/BW-P)
Japanese Rocket’s Articuno ex (1st edition)
Japanese Articuno ex (Play Promo)
Japanese Umbreon* (Sealed, ungraded)
Japanese Espeon* (Sealed, ungraded)
ALL Japanese Lottery Promo’s
Great Rocket’s Mewtwo
Japanese BEAMS Promo Mewtwo EX(HUGE WANT)
Rare Japanese Promo’s
Giovanni’s Nidoking <---- PURCHASED

Less Priority Wants
ALL Japanese Gold Star
ALL Japanese Promo’s
Japanese ANA Promo’s Sealed
All Japanese EX
All Japanese Mew and Mewtwo Cards
All Japanese Shining Cards(Neo 3 and 4… magikarp, gyarados, mewtwoe ect…)
All Japanese Crystal Cards
All Japanese VS Cards

There is more just can’t think of any right now. I essentially sold off my entire collection and need to rebuild, so I’m buying pretty much anything. I am a mainly Japanese Collector. Mostly like Promo cards and Gold Star/Shining cards.

Hi, I have a Fan Club Magikarp PSA10 for sale and an ungraded Corocoro Shining Mew in mint condition. PM me if you’re interested. Thanks.

Just bought Shining Mew, so no longer need!

Also Looking for Japanese Gold Star cards, especially Mew!

I have:
PSA 9 ____'s Mew PLAY
PSA 10 Shaymin EX 1ED
Kyogre Lottery
Dialga Lottery
Palkia Lottery

I’m getting in:
Kyogre Lottery
Rayquaza Lottery

Also, I have some Japanese Jumbos if you are interested.

I have a Lottery Feraligatr from 2002 (only 5,000 made), Daisuki Cresselia and a Mew 220/BW-P

Oh, I also am getting in a Lottery Typhlosion and Lottery Meganium, so you should buy our cards to get a complete set! :grin:

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I’d like $30 for Mew (Mint) and $45 for Cresselia (NM; near mint). Prices negotiable

I’ve got the BEAMS Mewtwo and just about all of your lesser wants (ANA’s sealed, VS cards, etc.).

PM me if you’re interested.

I will send a PM! And also to everyone

I just received my CoroCoro Mew* from eBay… it was supposed to be NM/M and it was definitely not, so I am still looking to buy another that is in great ungraded condition. Something that would fetch at least an 8 or 9 or better. I was very disappointed opening the package and seeing the condition of the card… it is not horrible, but definitely not as described. Once I receive a few more cards and build my collection up I’ll have pictures in my collection thread

so are you interested in the Mint Mew or Near Mint Cresselia?

I have no plans on selling the Mew in the near future, so when you’re able to just message me!

Surely will! :blush:

Still waiting for your PM :blush:

Also, if you want a sealed (in the original envelope, but removed from the magazine) Shining Mew, I’ve got a few. I also have Shining Mews still bound inside the Corocoro magazine itself. (Doubt there are many of those around out there!)

Japanime you have never responded to any of my PM’s! I would like to and am ready to make a purchase! Please get in touch with me :blush:. Thanks!

Hey everyone, I have a Gray Promo Star Jigglypuff I’m trying to trade, would anyone be interested in it? I am mainly looking for Mews right now, but open to ALL offers of Japanese Promo cards!

I’ll get pictures up soon but it is in pretty good condition(Excellent I would way, almost NM)