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Hi Everyone!

This is my first post in the buying section Since I’ve finally managed to get to 50 message.

I’m an Italian collector of japanese pokemon cards, I collect only raw NM/mint cards and I’m currently needing these cards to finish my first goal, from base to skyridge in Japanese.

I’ll be happy to start sharing a bit of my collection as soon as I manage to fulfill this objective (even though I know it’s just an ordinary binder collection).

I’m looking for these cards in NM+/mint conditions, off center won’t be a problem since I collect only raw cards.

So without further ado, this is my wish list:

• Lily mew glossy GOT IT

• Jigglypuff glossy GOT IT

• Grey star pikachu and jigglypuff GOT THEM

• Mewtwo WB stamped from mewtwo strikes back jpn $50

Corrected version:

• Quilava GOT IT

• Donphan GOT IT

• Dark energy $50

• Magikarp fan club GOT IT

If I can find these, I’ll be looking to complete my black star promo, W stamp, prerelease and winner sets too.

Thanks to anyone who can help me finding these :blush:

I can work on trades too and if the other collector is a well known individual I can ship first without any problem.


I assume you’re looking for the 1996 CoroCoro comic version, which was together with the Pikachu the first Pokémon TCG cards printed (5 days before the No Rarity version of the Japanese Base Set)?

If so, here an EX quality one on eBay for 15 USD + 3 USD shipping to Europe: You could ask for pictures from the seller to see if it’s in a good enough quality for your collection goals.

But with pretty specific wants like that, I’m looking forward seeing your collection, since it must contain quite a bit of nice variations. :blush:
I just saw your reply of the Neo era Japanese misprints in another thread. Would be cool to learn about a few more Japanese misprints like that, since I don’t know too many.

Good luck with finishing your collection goals!


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Thanks a lot for the input!

Yes I’m looking for one of the two first cards ever released :heart_eyes:

My jigglypuff has some issues so I’m trying to find one that can match the other card’s condition (I’m pretty proud of the condition of most of my Unnumbered promos).

I’ll definitely check that link and I’ll start to post more as soon as I’m done with my last exam at the end of this crazy month.

Thanks you again for the kind words and the help!

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Does this fit your Mew bill? I’m not sure how much shipping is to Italy

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Thanks a lot for the help, I really do appreciate it.

Unfortunately despite being a binder collector I’m pretty strict on conditions and that lower right corner it’s a no for me :pensive:

Thanks again for the help, I wish I’ll be able to do that myself sometimes :blush:


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I’ve talked to a couple people on the FanKarp. They wouldn’t go below 8k on a mint with bend/dent copy. But there is a copy that appears to be in nice condition on Yahoo! Auction. Bid starts at $8.1k and have been relisted a few times now.

Wow, i saw the last psa 9 sold for $8900 And on pwcc (not renowned for it’s cheap prices).

Thanks for the update, obviuosly every price is negotiable, I’ll wait to see if the next sold follow this trend or if they star raising again and then I’ll change the price tag accordingly.

Thanks again for the top and the lead :blush:



I believe a dark energy is in my warehouse but I need to double check I forget if I sold last year or still holding

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I will be waiting eagerly! Thanks a lot and have a great Christmas Eve :relaxed: