I STILL want these PSA cards!!! (Edited 1/6)

My goal last year was to finish the sets I’m working on. I’m getting right down to the last few. My new goal is to find these cards in 2015! I am looking to buy the cards listed below. I can pay via Paypal. I’m not really looking to buy lower grades of the cards I want, so this is a strict list. Thanks for taking the time to look!

English Promos
-PSA 9 Prerelease Clefable

WOTC Expansion Sets
-PSA 10 Lugia 1st ed Neo Genesis

PSA 10 1st Edition English Shining Set (9/10)
-PSA 10 Shining Tyranitar 1st ed

PSA 10 English Crystal Set (7/9)
-PSA 10 Crystal Celebi

-PSA 10 Masaki Gengar, Golem, and Machamp. (2/5)
-PSA 10 Articuno, and PSA 10 Master Ball holos from the Quick Starter Gift Set. (3/5)
-PSA 10 T-Promo Jolteon, Vaporeon, Dragonite, Pupitar, Larvitar, Tyranitar ex (17/24)

I’ve got that PSA 10 Shining Kabutops 1st Edition for you, if you want to message me and see if we can’t hash some details out.

Ah good luck on those PSA 10 quick starters. They’re mega tough to get your hands on. I’m settling for a 9 set myself.

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There’s a psa 10 Lugia crystal on ebay at the moment.

I have a JR Rally Surfing Pikachu PSA9. Unfortunately the Lily Pad Mew is only PSA7.

How much do you want for your Surfing Pikachu? How much for the Lilypad Mew?

Will send you a PM.

I’ll PM you funmonkey.
@timewaster1700 Yeah they are difficult but I am getting close. Got the Scyther and Zapdos. There are 2 Master balls on ebay and I’m trying to work out a deal for a Moltres atm.
@hisoka107 It looks like that Lugia has already ended :slightly_frowning_face:
@justjinkee I have a nm-m 8 Lily Pad Mew and the Pikachu is fairly low on my priority list so I’ll probably hold out on that for now.

No worries. Thanks for letting me know.

Dang well good luck to you. I love that Quick Starter Moltres. Having a PSA 10 in that would be pretty sweet!

Thanks! I’ll have to ask him about those.

Well I asked ebirdman and he said he didn’t have the Articuno. As soon as I find an Articuno I’ll buy the Master Ball :confused: I just don’t get it, Articuno is the one with the highest population in psa 10…

I replied via PM a few days ago. :blush:

I have a few of your Japanese PSA wants. Let me get back home on Friday and I’ll send a PM when I can confirm that I actually have them and didn’t forgetfully sell them. Don’t want to jump the gun and sell something I no longer own :stuck_out_tongue:

Expect a message this weekend :blush:

Thanks Jason!

I’ve updated my list a bit today. Crossed a few things off and added a couple.


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Can’t you just buy a sealed box and open it and send the cards to PSA?

Even sealed boxes don’t necessarily contain PSA 10s. :\

Definitely! There are multiple people who have tried opening old packs and end up with mostly 9’s.

Also, the cost of an actual sealed box is high.

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Yeah, the Quick Starter holos are a pain! I’m almost done though!
Anyway, I’m still looking for the cards I’ve listed. Anybody?