Melcher's Want List Updated 8/20

Hey guys, a lot of things I’ve been wanting to buy lately, instead of making different post I decided to make a wants list and just update it as I go. All cards listed I would like in English unless stated other wise.

I will Order them from highest to lowest, meaning the top of the list will be my most desirable and the bottom will be the least. (Random Bold Are Also High Priority)

1st Edition Base Set Needs: Top Priority

PSA 10 1st Edition Base Set Holos (Prices negotiable)

Chansey $5000

Gyarados $2500

Hitmonchan $5000

Magneton $2500

MewTwo $5000

Ninetales $2500

Blastoise $7000

ANY 1st Edition Pack Fresh cards

1st Edition booster packs/blisters weighed or not

PSA 10 Shadowless Holos

PSA 10 Base Unlimited Holos

SEALED Booster Box Wants:

1st Edition Jungle English

1st Edition Fossil English

1st Edition Gym Heroes

1st Edition Gym Challenge

Random PSA Cards Wants:
PSA 10 1st Ed Jungle Holos

PSA 10 1st ed Fossil Holos

PSA 10 1st ed Gym Hero and Challenge Holos

PSA 10 1st ed Neo Holos

PSA 10 Crystal Cards (not in a hurry to complete this set) (Just holos no rev holos) (Have Golem, need the rest)

PSA 10 Gold Stars (PSA 9 Charizard, Umbreon, and Espeon)

PSA 10 1st Edition Shinings

PSA 10 Unlimited and shadowless base set holos (need the majority of them, let me know what you have)

PSA 10 Master Scroll

PSA 10 Legend Cards

Ho-Oh Top and Bottom

Lugia Top and Bottom

Entei & Raikou bottom

Suicune & Entei Bottom

Kyogre & Groudon Bottom

Rayquaza & Deoxys Top and Bottom

Booster Packs:
Red Logo Fossil Booster Pack Sealed (Looking for one of each artwork)

Looking for a few 1st ed or shadowless base set packs or boosters sealed

1st Edition Fossil, Gym Challenge, Gym Heros (Unweighed or weighed, buying both)

Raw Card Wants:

1st edition Common / Uncommons / Rares (Pack fresh condition) from fossil, gym Heros and gym challenge.

Shadowless, Unlimited, and 1st Edition base set cards for binders. Looking to have a complete set I can have in a binder. Would like to get most of them in mint. Pack fresh would be preferred, currently need all.

Master’s Key (L-P Promo 68) (lul)

Yugioh (PSA 10s)

1st Edition LOB
Blue Eyes White Dragon

Dark Magician

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Swords Of Revealing Light

Exodia pieces

1st Edition MRD

Black Skull Dragon

Time Wizard

SDK-001 1st edition Blues eyes white dragon

DDS 001 Blue Eyes White Dragon

DDS 002 Dark magician

**Cards I have for Trade:**I have a lot of PSA 10 1st ed shadowless base set non holo cards for trade. Msg me with what you’re looking for and i’ll let you know if i have it or not (i’m missing about 7-8 non holos, have the rest)

There are more 1st ed base set cards on my ebay.

I have some graded cards on my ebay store, obviously everything in there is up for trade.

Let me know! Thank you.

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@rayquazatcg you’re going to have to get in line for the Rayquaza FA from dragons exalted. I’m sure Rayquazatcg will pay $500+.

The phantom forces one has been sold several times on eBay. Check the sold listings and ask the seller if they can pass your info along to the buyer.

The gold zekrom and reshiram good fucking luck with that. I think there’s 1 of each in a psa 10. The owner of one won’t sell and I can’t remember the other owner. Tbe reaon I say good luck is because those two cards were nearly all off center and tons of wear. I’ve been thinking the secret rares are cut separately from the other cards in sets. They are almost always in worse condition from the other set cards.

BTW you wouldn’t happen to be the owner of both psa 10 Zoroark English Secret rares?

Yeah I know some of these are pretty hard to find. Hoping maybe someone has them and want to get rid of them.

No i don’t own any zoroark

What English PSA 10 FA, Megas or secret rares do you have?

I don’t have a ton, I was just seeing what people wanted to get rid of. I like collecting for the art of the card mostly. Gengar being my favorite I wouldn’t mind having a few of those cards. The other secret rares/full arts would be more of an investment for me, something I could sell/trade in the future for something I actually collect.




Bump for the month :blush:

There is only one copy last time I checked for the BW Legendary Treasure Gold FA cards in PSA 10.
I know one of the owners but he won’t sell that or any of the other SRs. He has a ton of Gengar cards
but He’s been very stubborn. If he ever sells I’ll try to put you in contact.

I’ve got 3 pokemon center cards ready to grade and will likely be PSA 10s like the ones before.
I have the Chespin and the other 2 full evolved starters. The last 10 set sold low so I didn’t
want to grade it.

Rayquaza sold off his Flashfire charizards and many others liquidated. It seems like those who wanted it
for keeping it for a long time have scooped it up. The next chance on ebay don’t hesitate to buy. These
will dissapear like the japanese ones and then seldomly appear but for more.

Yeah those SR are going to be hard to find i feel.

I have all the evolved pokemon center cards. I’m not sure about the chespin ill have to look on that one. People have started to grade them finally :blush:

I bought some of his FF cards. I agree, I am trying to complete the set now before it goes up in price much more, also trying to get 3 more sealed boxes. Ill let you know on the if i dont have the chespin.

Bump for the month.

Should grab flashfire sooner rather than later. At time of your posting it was a $160+ box so you were close, now it seems to be a ~$220+ box.

ah yeah i forgot to update price on that, thanks for the catch. :blush:

bump :blush:

I have GS flareon, GS Registeel, Crystal Golem RV Holo all english PSA 10 if you’re interested. I could give a good deal for all 3.


What are you paying for sealed gym challenge? I have one at the moment. May open it but may be open to selling it along as well.

1st edition I have I should have noted.