Oz's Wants List

Hey guys and gals,

Chasing the following cards, with prices beside them. If you can help me out please let me know! All cards I’m chasing need to be Mint, centred well and no scratches on the holo etc (i.e. possible PSA 10’s for my own personal collection). Paying these amounts, in USD, inclusive of shipping;

  • Currently looking for trades only, see below

Open to negotiation or possibly buying PSA 10 copies of these cards. Feel free to make an offer or point me in the right direction. Shipping is to Australia, post code is 6918 if that helps you with posting quotes.

Next up I have cards I would like to trade with and for. Please help me complete XY era textured full arts!


XY4 - AZ SR 093/088 1st Ed. Japanese
XY4 - Xerosic SR 094/088 1st Ed. Japanese
XY4 - Lysandre’s Our honorable president Card SR 095/088 1st Ed. Japanese

XY5 - Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick SR 078/070 1st Ed. Japanese

XY10 - M Alakazam EX SR 081/078 1st Ed. Japanese

BoXY - M Manectric EX SR 174/171 Japanese


PSA 10 Ho-Oh EX SR XY9 1ED Japanese
PSA 10 Scizor EX SR XY9 1ED Japanese
PSA 10 Espeon EX SR XY9 1ED Japanese
PSA 10 Gallade EX SR XY6 1ED Japanese
PSA 10 Primal Kyogre EX UR XY7 1ED Japanese
PSA 10 M Houndoom EX SR XY8 1ED Japanese
PSA 10 Altaria EX SR XY10 1ED Japanese

Thanks for your help!


Anyone able to help please?

Small update. Anyone able to help please? Can go higher if necessary =)

Bump. Updated new list of wants, to finish off Bandit Ring.

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Here you go buddy it’s all yours for free my friend!


I don’t do free mate :wink:

PM me your PayPal details =)

No I insist my friend! your a service man, In gratitude to your dedication to our wonderful nation!
I have no need for this card, Id rather it help a fellow collector out!

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You are far too kind mate. But I insist, I can not accept it as free.


No problem friend I sent you a PM. Sadly I do not have spares of the other 2 cards you require.

You’ve helped enough. If you spot any in pristine condition, please point them out to me. Thanks again!

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@dragontype you are a top guy!


ohh shucks thanks my friend!

Corrected for you :wink:


Thanks @thorgene and @dragontype. So close!

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I feel the feels in this thread.



I think @swolepoke had a Giratina for sale

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I do I do

Thanks bb @salmoncannon


Can you PM me with a price please @swolepoke?

Bump, thanks @swolepoke.

Thanks to @smpratte for the very last card, PSA 10 Ampharos EX!

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Bump. Updated my list of wants, Venusaur and Blastoise FA’s from X and Y collection in 1st Ed.

Can anyone hook me up with minty mint copies please?