Xzini's want list - LF mint ex Deoxys Salamence!

I’m based in Finland so consider that before making an offer. I’m willing to trade overseas :blush:



  • PSA-graded Salamences in English and Japanese (9 & 10 prefered, 8 is fine too)
  • Salamence ex EX Deoxys PSA 9 OR a non graded version which could achieve PSA 9 or 10!
  • Salamence Coro Coro Promo 124/XY-P

Missing holos from Japanese XY-sets (NM or better)* Lucario XY10

  • Infernape XY11

Miscellaneous (looking for raw mint copies but feel free to offer PSA graded ones too):
(doesn’t matter if they are 1st edition or not)

Sky’s Rayquaza Movie Commemoration Promo
Rayquaza ex Rulers of the Heavens
Rayqyaza ex Emerald gift box
Shiny Rayquaza Call of Legends
Rayquaza Ex Battle Boost
Rayquaza EX Full Art Emerald Break
M Rayquaza EX Full Art Emerald Break

Ho-Oh Unseen Forces Theme Deck holo
Ho-Oh ex Golden Sky Silvery Ocean
Ho-Oh holo Pop 5

Flygon Holon Phantom (jpn)
Flygon ex Offence and Defense of the Furthest Ends
Flygon XY3

Gardevoir holo Expansion Pack
Gardevoir holo ex Emerald
Gardevoir EX Full Art XY5
Gardevoir EX Full Art XY11
Mega Gardevoir EX Full Art XY11

Groudon holo Emerald Gift box
Groudon EX Full Art BW3
Primal Groudon EX Full Art XY5

Latias Holon Research Tower
Latias Holon Phantom (jpn)
Latias EX Full Art BW8

Latios EX Full Art BW8

Xerneas EX Full Art XY1 OR Super Legend Set

Portuguese Base Set Blastoise
Portuguese Base Set Venusaur

For trade:

Articuno EX Full Art Plasma Gale 1st Edition PSA 9Yveltal 052/XY-P Movie Commemoration Promo PSA 10
Primal Kyogre EX Full Art Bandit Ring 1st Edition PSA 10Mewtwo EX Full Art XY8 Blue Shock Secret Print 1st Edition PSA 10
Mega Scizor EX Full Art XY9 Rage of the Broken Heavens 1st Edition PSA 10
Espeon EX Rage of the Broken Heavens 1st Edition PSA 10Charizard EX Full Art Red & Blue Collection Promo PSA 9
Celebi Full Art Mythical Collection Promo PSA 9Jirachi Full Art Mythical Collection Promo PSA 9
Shiny Rayquaza EX Promo 122/XY-P sealed
(ask for raw Japanese & English ultra rare singles)

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Updated and added some haves so it should be a little bit easier to make some offers :blush:

Bump, fully updated as well

Psst Kid! Psst over here! (@xzini looks into a dark alley way and sees strange mysterious man) Psst… Heard you wanna buy some Rayquazas!


Hahaha :grin: That really made my day here at work @dragontype ! I’ll PM when I get home :blush:

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Bump! The card I’m most looking for right now is a mint Salamence ex from Deoxys set. I can’t find a graded 9 so I’m looking to find one to grade one myself :blush:

Bump! I want too many random things :grin: