Salamence sher's buylist

Hi, I am looking to buy mint raw salamence cards, or maybe psa 10s if the price is good.
I am a psa 10 collector of salamence so I’m really just looking for gem contenders or outright gem mint cards
Located in europe.
Prices below for mint copies. Higher end prices for mintier cards.
Can’t afford all at once of course, hit me up if you think you can help and want to shake hands on a deal :handshake:

Ex era:
Rulers of the heavens: 1st and ued - 15€ each
Dragon frontiers ex 1st jp: 200+€
Dragon frontiers ex eng : 200-300€
Ex deoxys ex: 200-300€
Clash blue sky 1st: 50€
Winner e-league promo: 75-100€
Ex dragon 10 reverse: 40-100€
Ex dragon 19 reverse:40 - 100€
Ex dragon 19 non holo: 15€
Constructed starter deck ued: 30-50€
Delta eng holo and reverse 60-80€ ea
Delta 1st jp - 50€

Topps non foils - 5€
Master battle game - 10€
Topps foils - 50+€

Secret wonders eng holo - 40-80€
Shining darkness 1st and ued - 10-20€ each
Stormfront eng - 25€
Stormfront jp 1st and ued - 10€ each
Japanese advent of arceus holo unlim - 25€
Jp lv x - 1st and ued 60€ each
Platinum arceus eng holo and reverse - 50-80€ each

Dragon vault - holo (15€) crosshatch (25€) reverse (25€) staff (100+)
Plasma blast holo - 25€
Plasma blast reverse - 40€

Coro coro 124/xy-p: 20-30€
Xy59 salamence eng : 15€
Roaring skies cosmos : 12€
Roaring skies rev foil : 15€
Roaring skies theme deck non holo : 10€
254/xy-p coro coro ex non holo: 10€
Xy170: salamence ex - 20€
Xy 171: m salamence ex - 25€
Xy171 jumbo: just looking for psa 10 - 100+€
Xy172: salamence spirit link - 25€

Salamence sm139 jumbo - looking to buy psa 10 - 100€+
Salamence hyper rare eng - 40€


The best Pokemon

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Hi Sher not on the list but the Creatures fighting energy is up for bin on pwcc: PWCC Marketplace | Leading the Trading Card Industry

Not the best price at $3500 but it’s an option if you still care about the Salamence cameo in the back.

Hey ty @kranz
I been keeping an eye on it :eyes:

Not set to buy it or even offer close right now, but we will see what happens going forward. Cheers

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