Looking to Buy: Japanese Salamence δ ex 022/068

Hey guys, looking to purchase this card in mint condition or PSA 9/10. 1st edition is preferred, but unlimited would be fine. This is one of my favorite cards, so if someone could help me out with it, it would be much appreciated! Thanks! :blush:

Hi! I don’t have an extra copy of this card but I do have some advice. If you want a PSA graded copy, it is much easier to find a well centered Unlimited copy. I went through a lot of 1st ED cards from this set and all the Holos and EX cards except maybe one in twenty were off-center.

I will ask around for it. :blush:

@soulwind Thanks so much! If you hear anything, let me know. Furthest Ends does have a lot of centering issues, glad to hear that unlimited is a bit easier to find in good condition.

Going to revive this thread here. Still looking for a mint copy of this card, 1ED or Unlimited! Must be well centered. I am paying extremely well for a mint copy of this Salamence ex, somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-40.

Please help me out!!



Thanks :grin:

I’ve seen that, but I’d rather not drop $50 on that card when I can’t see the back.

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Understandable. I’m also looking for this card. Idk why it’s so hard to find… Lol if I come across one I’ll let you know first!

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I have one in excellent condition, will let you know if i come across a 9/10 one.

Sweet. I have one coming in from Japan soon that should be in good condition.

I picked up one of these from that same seller on Y!J for 5,000 JPY awhile back.

Here is what I received:

All in all a beautifully kept card. But the centering is just terrible for this set. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know. I’ve started to like the set even more as I pick up more cards from it and search for others…but of course finding well-centered ones is incredibly difficult. I have this card and a couple more from the set on their way from Japan, but who knows if they’re centered and mint enough to grade.

Loving my PSA 10 Latios ex even more now that I realize all the issues that come with this set.

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Look what I got…

Thoughts on the centering for this card? Looks pretty nice to me, only slightly off. Any input on the chances for this card to score a 10?

If the card is absent of scratches, abrasions, edge wear, etc. I think it deserves a PSA 10. :blush:

Centering is pretty much on-point.

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The left border is slightly larger than the left but I had to stare at the pic for like 10 mins before I noticed, awesome looking card, I always get weak at the knees for most japanese delta species cards as the arts are awesome and I love the different element added to each card. Best of luck on your psa 10!

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@woolsluk Yeah, the left is larger than the right and the top is very slightly larger than the bottom.

@soulwind The back is quite literally perfect. Better even than some of my pack-fresh Japanese cards, which sounds crazy, but the cut is very clean and sharp. Debating on whether to send it in as a 5-day or wait for the July specials…

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Top to bottom I wouldn’t worry about tbh, the left to right is the only thing that will deny you that elusive ten! If it gets a 9 and you aren’t satisfied pm me and im sure we can make an arrangement :blush: