WTB Various (wish list)

Hi all! I’m looking to buy various cards. I’ve mainly taken the prices from PokemonPrice.com, if you feel a price is outdated/unfair please just contact me. The cards listed here are a higher priority for me but I’m honestly interested in most PSA 9/10 holos from these sets. So please do let me know if you have something to offer!

I’m from the UK, so trading within Europe is preferred.
(Both) = Interested in either 1st ed/unlimited.

Base Set:
1st ed Dragonair PSA 9 ($90)
Gym Challenge:

1st ed Koga’s Beedrill - PSA 9 ($35)

Neo Discovery:
1st ed Umbreon Holo - PSA 9 ($140) or PSA 10 unlimited ($90)
1st ed Espeon Holo - PSA 9 ($135) or PSA 10 unlimited ($65)
1st ed Kabutops Holo - PSA 9/10 ($50/$200)1st ed Yanma Holo - PSA 9 ($70)

Neo Rev:
1st ed Ho-oh Holo - PSA 9 ($140)
1st ed Houndoom Holo - PSA 9 ($55)
1st ed Ampharos Holo - PSA 9/10 ($35/$?)
Neo Destiny
1st ed Light Jolteon - PSA 9/10 or ungraded (can’t find much)
(Both) Shining Mewtwo - PSA 9/10 (varies)
(Both) Shining Charizard - PSA 9/10 (varies)
Steelix holo PSA 9/10 ($50/$120)Pretty much any Aquapolis holo, please message me.

Crystal Ho-oh Holo - PSA 9/10 ($400/$875)Pretty much any Skyridge holo, please message me.

As I said before, I’m interested in almost everything from WOTC era. So please contact me if you have something interesting to sell. Thanks! :blush:

Just FYI I think you meant to say “Neo Destiny” instead of “Neo Genesis” for the Light Jolteon and Shining Cards, good luck with your search

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Whoops, good spot. I’ve fixed it now, thanks!

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@mimighster, I sent you a private message :blush:

@mimighster I pm’d you.



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Please update this thread to comply with the new rules as we no longer allow trade threads on the site.

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Hi woolsluk, sorry only just seen this. Is offering cards for trade strictly not allowed at all? I understand trading threads would often lead to nothing, but what about threads that are looking to buy but also happen to have cards for trade as a sort of “payment option”?

If not will there ever be a place for us to share what we have for trade again? For people like me that don’t have a massive online presence it was a great place to make trades with people from the community. I’ve already sent out and received multiple cards due to this thread. So I guess I don’t really see what’s so bad about trade threads.
Also I’ll immediately remove the “Up for trade” part of my thread if the answer is basically “no” :grin:

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Hi there, unfortunately there are no advertised trades on the site even if cash is involved. By all means if you and a seller can come to an agreement to use cash as part of payment in PMS then go ahead but in terms of advertising cards for trade we feel it mostly ends up really as a cards for sale post.

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