Looking to trade some Pokemon, YuGiOH, and MTG!!!

Hey all, I know I have a buy thread up, but this I am going to make my trade only thread, I hope this doesn’s cause a problem with anyone! But here is a list of cards I am looking to trade :blush:

Moltres EX Plasma Force 14/135 MINT
Black Kyurem EX Plasma Force 95/135 MINT
Keldeo EX Tin Promo BW61 NM/M
Crystal Crobat(Normal Holo) Skyridge 147/144 MINT
Gray Star Jigglypuff WOTC Promo Excellent/NM
4x Charizard (Came from some tin, is numbered 1/99, identical to Arceus set version only with a different holo pattern) All NM/M
Frost Rotom Rising Rivals R12 MINT
Charon’s Choice Rising Rivals R16 MINT
Entei Tin Promo HGSS20 NM/M
Entei Tin Promo 4/132 NM/M
Raikou Tin Promo HGSS19 NM/M
Raikou Tin Promo 16/132 NM/M
Suicune Tin Promo HGSS21 NM/M
Suicune Tin Promo 19/132 NM/M

CoroCoro Shining Mew Promo Excellent/NM(Closer to NM)
Shiny Collection Mew EX 24/20 MINT
BW5 FA Mew EX 51/50 MINT
CoroCoro Giovanni’s Nidoking NM
_____ Chansey White Diamond Promo NM
Pokemon Trainer’s Promo Murkrow NM
Eevee Promo 213/BW-P MINT
3x CoroCoro Scizor Promo Excellent, NM, and NM/M

Secret Rares
1/e Blue Eyes Toon Dragon MRL-000 NM/M
1/e Dark Magician Girl MFC-000 ALTERED ART LOOKS AMAZING NM/M i1104.photobucket.com/albums/h337/pyropokemon/yugioh/IMG_20130901_240534_351.jpg
Windrose the Elemental Lord MINT
Hieratic Sun Dragon Overlord of Heliopolis CT09-EN004 NM/M
1/e Gem-Knight Amethyst HA06-EN047 NM/M
1/e Laval Lakeside Lady HA06-EN034 NM/M
2x 1/e Laval Cannon HA06-EN003 NM/M
1/e Daigusto Pheonix HA06-EN054 NM/M
1/e Daigusto Sphreez HA06-EN024 NM /M
Prophecy Destroyer CT09-EN019 NM/M
Tidal, Dragon Ruler of Waterfalls CT10-EN001 NM/M
Hero Flash!! RYMP-EN027 NM/M
R - Righteous Justice RYMP-EN025 NM/M
Crystal Abundance RYMP-EN051 NM/M
Cyber End Dragon MF02-EN003 NM/M(Not Secret Rare, but some other kind of rare, parallel holo pattern, black name)

Ultra Rares
Obelisk the Tormentor LC01-EN001 NM/M
Slifer the Sky Dragon LC01-EN002 NM/M
The Six Samurai - Irou RYMP-EN093 NM/M
Wulf, Lightsworn Beast RYMP-EN103 NM/M
Double-Edged Sword Technique RYMP-EN112 NM/M

Super Rares
Black Luster Soldier, Envoy of the Beginning CT10-EN005 NM/M
2x Toon Gemini Elf DL6-EN001 NM/M
Malefic Truth Dragon CT09-EN016 NM/M
Legendary Six Samurai - Shi En RYMP-ENSE1 NM/M
A bunch more but I don’t think they’re really noteable at all lol

Magic, the Gathering
FOIL 7th Edition Birds of Paradise NM/M
FOIL 7th Edition Serra Angel NM/M
FOIL Promo Serra Angel Beta Art NM/M TRADED
Revised Wrath of God - LP
M12 Birds of Paradise NM/M
FOIL 9th Sengir Vampire NM/M
M12 Day of Judgement NM/M
Legends Ur-Drago NM
M12 Sorin Markov NM/M
M12 Primordial Hydra NM/M
2010 Coat of Arms NM/M
M12 Time Reversal NM/M
M12 Bloodlord of Vaagoth NM/M
DCI FOIL Promo Goblin Bombardment NM/M
M12 Inferno Titan NM/M
M12 Furyborn Hellkite NM/M

Highest Priority
Japanese Mew Cards(Ancient Mew’s are on the top of the list)
1/e English Base Ninetails
1/e English Base Alakazam
1/e English Base Venasaur
1/e English Base Blastoise
1/e Enflish Base Clefairy
Japanese Gym Hero/Challenges Gym Leaders, both Holo and Non-Holo
Japanese Shining Magikarp(Neo 3)
Japanese Birthday Pikachu(original)
Japanese CD Promo’s
Japanese VS Holo’s (Especially Murkrow, Umbreon, Tyranitar, Charizard)
Japanese Base Set Holo’s
Japanese * Cards(Mew being biggest want)
Japanese ex Cards
Cool Porygon
Misty’s Politoed(5th movie halfdeck)
ANA Promo’s
ALL Japanese Promo’s
Japanese Here Comes Team Rocket
Japanese Flying Pikachu
Japanese Surfing Pikachu
CoroCoro Yadoking Promo
Promo Vending Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres
Japanese Shining Pokemon(ANY)

Lower Priority Wants
I am open to ALL offers, my collection is now small I need it to grow!

Can provide pictures upon request :blush:

well i sold all my MTG cards :confused: or i totally would. i only kept one card cuz he’s totally boss and my absolute favorite.


wow thats a long link :confused: but thats my favorite card of all time

I guess that’s why you’re blazes?

lol no actually. HA its a funny story how i got that name heh

Would you like to trade a NM/M ANA Zapdos/Moltres folder for the FOIL Promo Serra Angel Beta Art NM/M? :blush:

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Cuju - That sounds like a pretty decent trade to me, but I was looking for maybe a little bit more value for that one, not much! Just a bit, do you by chance have other cards you’d be willing to trade in place of that? I think we can definitely work something out though! :blush:.

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Thanks for trade Cujo! Can’t wait for the cards to come :blush:. Hope you like your Serra Angel