McDonalds Sealed Pack Group Buy

So here’s the deal; there’s a giant auction for sealed McD packs here. Lugia is bidding on them for me.
Since there are 127 packs, I don’t need them all. So, I am letting people reserve the packs they want. I will take the total amount, and divide it by 127. That’d be the cost per pack. Then, I’d multiply it by the amount of packs each person wants.

Reservation List:
Daelum - 30
pokemontrader - 20
Bluey.:*- 1
Lotti - 10
sandman - 10
skinst - 1
legendslugia251 - 45
cbd1235 - 10

Amount left: 0

Grammar! Change “Bye” to “Buy” >😛

Sign me up for at least 30 for now please.

done xD

I will take 20, 15 if it goes over 100!


Um… may I grab one pack please? :x I’d love to just open one. ^^ Postage would be to Australia, I hope that is alright.

i’ll take the remaining packs then.

i would take 10 if available :blush: if shipping costs to germany are not outrageous

I would also take 10 if available. I could combine shipping with Sandman.

Are they any left? I’d like one for my sealed pack collection. :blush:

And they’re gone! Here’s how it will go:
Haze will bid and hopefully win.
I’ll get the packs.
You will send me how much it is for the packs/shipping.
After I get the money, I’ll ship out.

just wondering since it will be shipped from japan will you be using EMS or SAL?

Noppin always uses ems.

you have a choice of a few different kinds. noppin uses EMS as a default unless you tell them otherwise.

So there are 3 payments no?
1 to the warehouse
1 from warehouse to you
1 from you to us?

Well, you’d have to pay for:
The actual price of item
Shipping to/from seller to Haze to me to you
Fees for the Middleman

but, since we have a bunch of people, the fees/shipping from seller to haze to me will be split 8 ways.

It is like a Group Auction on pkmncollectors.

Price of the auction + fees
Price from Japan to you
Price from you to us.

Yeah! So what was your qurstion? xD

Guys, I have a pretty big problem. I am probably going to be in the hospital around the time the packs would come, so I won’t be able to receive the packs and send them off to other people. I need someone to step up to pay Haze the money he paid for the packs, to receive them, and to ship them off. I am feeling very bad about it.

depends how much it ends at i can most likly step up to do it