SELLING - im quitting pkmn

hey guys

im selling off my collection (still keep those I still loved).


  1. I live in Aus
  2. Paypal only


Mysterious pearl

Kids wb complete set (treeko mudkip torchic wrumple pikach)

14 pokepark promo cards (incl Lucario)

6 ___'s pokemon (Mew jirachi celebi kyogre groudon rayquaza)

lucky stadium card ft. chikorita and totodile

pokemon sunday lucario

tag team plusle/minun
-DP art
-EX art

PCL stadium card

vending series 1/2/3 COMPLETE

so offer away people.

How much do you want for the creator pack cards? The latest eBay auction (for them sealed) went for $80… I think $65 for them non-sealed is fair?

You want Mysterious pearl? I can do $250 express to canberra (AUD)

And dogma, $70 shipped to UK

Oh I also have the Victory orb, the one that don’t have the Mew on it. Can part it as well. Can’t remember how much that go for.

Oh alright then, if you insist :blush:

Just checking they’re mint right?

they’re mint (Sleeved, never played with etc)

And AU$250 is the price I got mine for in the first place. So yeah.

And I can wait a week for it, Cally.

Since you live in AUS, you have the option for a Bank Transfer, Cheque, Money Order. if you prefer those more than Paypal.

If u need to vouch for my trust, check with Daniel N, Scott P and Wayne E.


Can you send me your paypal via PM please Jason, I’ll pay you straight away. I’ll give you my address too.


@jason - According to a few sources via UPCCC, [Victory Orb] is approximately between $150 - $200. I do not know if this is accurate. I have only seen this card on eBay twice; one sold for $100 and the other for $250. I would love to purchase this card, though it would depend on your asking price.

I missed the orb! But put me down as third in line (in the unlikely event UU and Dan suddenly decide not to purchase)

I messaged when he first mentioned it so I first!


I’m officially starting the give UU the card campaign ™ (seriously, she’s too nice for her own good!)

(In all honesty I think it comes down to who offers the most for it, not who said first. Auctions don’t work that way, not even in UPCCC. Dan and I were doing the nice thing by stepping aside, but if you want it, bid (high) for it! )

Yea it should be auction format anyways not first come first serve totally agree. I will let UU have it :blush: it’s fine.

I love the ™ symbol - it is über cute :3

Aww!! Thanks, everyone – especially dogma :heart: I think you guys are too nice for your own good :wink:

Counteroffers against the asking price are welcome – if you want to pay higher, feel free :blush:

:blush: what’s ur offer. I won’t make a counter if it’s too high.

Are any of the PokéPark cards sealed?


Auction time.

Victory Orb.

Starting price $250.

Fight over it fellas.

[2003/2004 Victory Orb] - My bid begins - and ends, at $250. Again, feel free to increase the bid against this if you wish.

Does the VO come in its original case?

I’ll go $275 assuming it has the original case.