victory orb US$255 SHIPPED

whoever paypal me that first gets it.

PLEASE POST IT saying you have paid me
Also make sure you when you make payment, have the address selected…so I can use the selected one to post to.

I ship same day or next working day.

need money bad. :slightly_frowning_face:

can you post images of the exact card? I’m sure people would like to see what they are purchasing so they don’t have to do it blind.

Also, I’m not sure this method of payment sits well with me. If someone purchases it at nearly the same time as someone else make sure to re-fund one of them immediately.

Noone paid me yet.

And its the Victory orb without Mew card.

This one.

I think mrpokecc was refering to having pictures of your actual card so people can see its condition and not a scan of it on bulbapedia.

Yes scans of the acutual card being sold. Its always nice too see photos before purchasing.

the card is NM/Mint condition. Always be sent in a sleeve/toploader.

also dont have a scanner on me

card still available…

decided to lower price down to uS$255

card still available

any takers?

card still available…

Purchased…I Pm’ed you.