Quitting Pokemon Updated 10/12

I have a baby coming soon, so I need to raise funds for the baby funds.

These will be up for grabs here:

Error Cards
Complete Jungle Error (#1-16 no jungle symbol, d edition butterfree)
Blastoise no stage error
Diglett Sideways Error
Wartortle Evolution box Error (Ex Condition)

Sealed items
EX Battle Stadium Sealed
Christmas Snowflake Advent Calendar Sealed
Complete ANA Promos master Set
Complete Southern Island JPN master Set (6 loose small folders, and 2 big binders)
JR Rally Promos Complete Set

Vending Series #1 Unpeeled with Promo sheet 00
Vending Series #2
Vending Series #3
Masaki Promos + Bill’s mail in pass
Asokobita Ivy Pikachu Promo
Complete JPN Mcdonald E-minimum Promos
Complete Shiny Collection Promos #1-25
Complete English McDonalds Promo
Complete Burger King Promos (Both Years)
Complete English Medals + Victory Cups (@daelum , I think you might be interested)
Fan Club Eevee EX/NM
Fan Club Porygon NM+/Mint
Fan Club Magikarp NM+/Mint
Complete Pokemon Day Set
Complete Lucky Stadium Promo Set
Complete Pokemon Pal City Set

Badge Set
Complete English Badge Set from all the years given at US Leagues (will only set it as a set)

Pokemon Guides
I have a ton in nm/mint condition… Never been opened, but not factory sealed

Pokemon Magazines
JPN Ancient Mew Error With Magazine
JPN Ancient Mew Corrected With Magazine
Bilingual Exeggcutor Sealed in Magazine(got it from @garyis2000)
Nintendo 64 Porygon & Hungry Snorlax Sealed
Misty’s Treatment Sealed
Meowth Promo Sealed (the one with the guitar)

I have other magazines as well, ask if you are interested.

[Note:] I do not rate my cards mint due to liability issues, mint is different from each collector’s point of view.

Will update more~ If you need pictures, I’ll be glad to give them to you.

Also I have a ton of new near mint Pokemon Games Guide books if anyone else is interested

If I may ask, why are you thinking about quitting? ):

If you do go through with this, I’d be interested in your promos.

Which ones? All of it? I really need the money because of financial problems ><

The nintendo promo might be expensive because it has the rare 2004 world staff promo (026) it’s so hard to find and the only one up on ebay right now is $500 which I think is overpriced by dpersin

Also have the complete pokemon day promos, pokemon city/state/national/regional promos staff promos (but has regular promos during the 04-05 season because there was no staff promo available), all the pokemon medals/cups in english and etc

Also does anyone know anyone who might be interested in a complete PSA 10 Pokemon Sample Set (only 2 complete PSA 10 set in the world)

Yeah, I can’t afford the big sets like your nintendo promo set. I am interested in the city/etc./staff promos and the medals/cups cards. Also, I’m always willing to buy Jumbos :wink:

LIke how much are you willing to spend? Because I have the machamp staff promo, which I see sells for around $80 on ebay alone.

Quit talking like that Elam! You’re not allowed to quit…we need you here. This is like a gang. The only way out is to kill a pokegym moderator lol.


I’d really sorry to see Elam leave the fold as well. I always enjoy reading your posts.

Here’s an idea: How about selling off your duplicates — offer them as lots, perhaps. That way, you can hopefully lessen your financial woes while at the same keep your complete sets intact for yourself.

Haven’t you heard? Pokemon is a black hole and no one is allowed to quit! That means you elam :wink:

But seriously I do wish you the best regardless of your decision!

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Like tell them this?



I don’t have any duplicates. I only collect 1 of each


You’ve seen others come on here trying to rebuild their collections and regretting they ever sold it in the first place. We don’t want to see that happen to you.

How much minimum you trying to raise?

$5k… I was thinking of just selling my Complete PSA 10 Sample Set (only 2 complete PSA 10 sets in the world) but I can’t find any buyers.

I’m not really quitting, just trimming it down a lot.

Well if you want to buy some, let me know. I’m trying to trim down my collection that’s why. And see where it goes. If I decide to fully quit, I’ll start selling all my sets ><

I’m sure you are not completely going to leave us… One does not simply escape the pokemon curse like that :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there a list or anything of the cards you want to get rid of?

check out my ebay lol

I already did, but no results :confounded:

I have some Kingdom Heart games factory sealed, promos + cards.

For pokemon, I have some pokemon pal city promos, pichu promo (english front/japanese back), sample packs sealed, asokibita diglett/dugtrio magazine sealed, natta wake jynx magazine sealed and some pokemon badges

Why don’t you ship to the UK? :slightly_frowning_face: