I wanna sell off my pokemon stuff, still keep a few very sentimental ones.

Lost interest in Pokmeon after a number of bullshit happened amongst a number of fucking idiots in the country. This weekend’s Cities will be my last tournament for a long while.


  1. I live in Australia
  2. Please make offers
  3. Shipping will be calculated depending on what stuff do you want from me
  4. Paypal - Gift only please.

SLEEVES - All 60 count
1x Shaymin green (JP)
3x Giratina red (JP)
1x Gold BG/Silver Pikachu (JP)
1x Arceus blue (JP)
2x Celebi green (EN)
1x Regigigas gold (EN)
1x Professor black (EN)
1x Hooh Lugia blue (EN)
Xx Lucario DP (EN - NM condition, still playable)

1x Worlds 2011 SEALED
2x Worlds 2010
1x Hooh Lugia SEALED
1x Ultra Ball SEALED
1x Great Ball (bit dirty)
1x Blackwing Dragon playmat (Yugioh)

1x Worlds 2005 Competitor Adult M (never used)
1x Worlds 2006 Competitor Adult L (never used)
1x Nationals 2007 Pale blue Blastoise Adult L (worn personally, great condition)
1x Nationals 2008 Dark Grey Luxray Adult L (worn personally, great condition)
1x Nationals 2009 Light Grey Dragonite Adult L (worn personally, great condition)
1x Nationals 2010 beige-ish Garchomp Adult L (worn personally, great condition)
1x STAFF Nationals 2011 red Adult L (Never used)
1x Groundon Red TFG Adult XL (worn personally, great condition)
1x Worlds 2009 Competitor shirt Adult L (Never used)
1x Meowth Adult large (never used, Australian exclusive at Jayjays.com.au)
1x Worlds 2010 Volunteer green Adult M (Never used)
1x Pokegym Adult Large shirt, with name “Jason” on it (only worn like 3-4 times, still great cond)

1x Worlds 2006 Good condition
1x Worlds 2009 Near Mint condition
1x Worlds 2010 Near Mint condition
1x Worlds 2011 Near Mint condition
2x Hooh Lugia (Mint condition)
2x Infernape (Mint conditon)
2x Blastoise (Near mint condition)
1x Giratina (Near mint condition)

1x SEALED Charizard CG Japanese folder 2006
1x Dialga/Palkia Mysterious Treasures Japanese folder 2007
1x Dialga/Palkia Secret Wonders Japanese folder 2007
1x Pikachu/Manaphy long Japanese folder 2006

Xx Nidoqueen/Jolteon small EN folder
Xx Groudon Worlds 2004 small EN folder

Assorted small D6 sized, available in clear, black, orange, cyan, purple. All transparent.

1x Eeveelution group DP4 (JPN) (Missing seperator)
1x Charizard CG (JPN) (SEALED)
1x Mew/Pilachu deckbox (opened, MINT condition)
1x Leafeon/Glaceon deckbox DP4 (NM)
1x Darkrai/Cresselia deckbox DP4 (NM)

OTHER pokemon stuff
37 Pokemon Adventure Manga, English by Chang Yi (Singapore) (No duplicates, near Mint-Mint condition)
1x Drawstring bag feature Zekrom/Reshiram
1x Zoroark plushie, that obtained with Worlds competitor swag
1x Flygon plushie (Near mint)
1x Shadow Lugia plushie
1x TOMY Eevee plushie (played)

3x Tropical Beach (Played)
2x Tropical Beach (both MINT - 1x Top 8, 1x Top 4)
Xx Full Arts
Xx Legends
Xx Primes
Xx Other deckable shit
Complete RH Luxchomp deck + other rev holo SP shit (will not break it up)
Complete RH R-gon deck from 2007
Complete RH Porydonk deck (yes, I’m selling my baby)
Complete Vending Series 1-3.
Complete Rocket Set, minus Normal Rares
Ask for other cards.

Also: 1x Pink Mew Shirt, Pokemon 151, Japanese size XL (Great condition, worn a few times myself)
1x Black Mew Shirt, Pokemon 151, Japanese size XL (Great condition, worn a few times myself) <— Not sure if I wanna keep, still deciding)

ALSO shittons of snivy, would prefs sell it all in bulk for like $400 shipped. 8 different plushies, various small things like 10+ figurines, keychains, a DS cover, DS protector, etc.

Can provide pics if needed for anything.


I’m considering the Lucario DP sleeves, but I’d need a number of how many exactly you have and what you expect to get for them. Used sleeves isn’t something I see often, so pricing is difficult, but I’d be looking to get them for comparable prices to a new solid-colored sleeve. Feel free to message me if you want to really discuss it. If you have specifics in mind of how many and what you want, you can just post here and I’ll decide from there.

I have 200+ Lucario sleeves, so make an offer.