Selling My Collection

Hi, some of you may know me as konter_j8902 on beach or grassmaster239 on gym. Anyways, the game is starting to get dull and I have already gotten rid of most of my playable cards, but I have picked up a few things that are a harder sale. I was recommended to this website. I am looking to sell all of this.

Paypal only please. I might take other methods, but would prefer paypal


Please Make offers if you are interested. All offers are considered

Here are pictures of what I have listed below.

[glow=red,2,300]I will sell all of the cards listed below in a lot for $175[/glow]

1st Edt Base Set Hitmonchan: $25
has a little little foil showing.

Masakai Alakazam: $30
Minimal Whitening on card edges

Charizard ex: $20
Has an odd crease on it. the crease is Rectangular.

Nintedo Ancient Mew: $25
Moderate Edgeware, lots of scratching on back PENDING

English Ancient Mew: $2

JPN Crystal Ho-Oh: $25
All around Poor Condition. No bends, but severe edgeware and some foil showing

Error Dialga G Lv.x: $20

Error Dialga G Lv.x: $10
Not Mint

Mcdonalds Slowpoke: $5

All of the Following are $5 Each
Great Magnezone
Red Gyarados
Armaldo ex
Walrein ex
Shiftry ex
Great Donphan
Typlosion ex
Blaziken ex
Electrode ex
Magnezone lv.x
Cresselia lv.x
Cyclone energy PLAY
Rocket’s Sneasel ex
Rayquaza ex Delta
golem ex

The Following are $10 Each
Kyogre ex PLAY
Groudon ex PLAY
Jirachi ex PLAY

I can get scans of individual cards if you want.


can i take ur damaged Ancient Mew that’s the error one?

yea, no problem Do you want pictures?

Great Magnezone - condition?

Where in the world are you from?

It is NM-mint with no scratches and little to no edgeware. I am in the US

Would you accept concealed cash?

C’mon Pokemontrader

Please take that conversation to pm

Dan I’ve PM’d

Ultimately it’s an admin decision but please note there are legal implications for trading in the way pokemontrader suggests.

If you accept such a trade on UPCCC I have to consider my professional code of conduct (and in all likelihood leave UPCCC completely)

I would consider CC, but not for something that small sorry.

Sorry I didn’t realize that was a problem…

Ill still lurk but Im not going to be buying or selling for quite some time, sorry to cause trouble.

It’s not up to me, it’s up to DJ, smpratte and

You’ll need to confirm with them what the rules are.

But on a personal note I do wish you’d ask such questions on PM. Sorry to be a pain, it’s just it triggers all sorts of hassle for me

Okay, I won’t post to buy or PM to buy for a while yet then, sorry again for being a hassle