I need Sealed stuffs

Sealed E3 Red Cheeked Pikachu
Sealed Japanese World Hobby Fair Pikachu
Sealed Japanese Meiji Delta Species Pikachu Promo PCG-P 112
Sealed Japanese Battle Roads Pikachu Promo DP-P 95
Sealed Japanese Dominos Slowpoke Promo L-P 28
Sealed Japanese Meiji Pikachu Promo PCG-P 68
Sealed ANA Airlines Pikachu/Manphy Promo Set
Sealed Japanese Toyata Pikachu/Arcanine Promo Set
Sealed Pokemon the First Movie Pikachu Promo
Sealed Japanese White Star Birthday Pikachu Promo
Sealed Lucky Stadium Black Star Promo
Sealed Japanese Pichu Bros Promo
Sealed Shopping Pikachu Promo L-P 79
All the 10th Anniversary Pokemon Center Cards 98-102
Sealed Pokemon Center Commeration Pikachu/Meowth Promos
Sealed Japanese Pokeparke Pikachu Promo PCG-P 43

and I think thats all I need sealed, Please let me know what ones you have and are willing to get rid of and we can work out a deal^^

Just one question. You told me in a PM that you don’t have money right now but willing to buy my Worlds cards step by step. So why don’t you just start paying off the persons you already worked deals out with instead of opening another trade thread(btw, you could’ve edited your old thread to add new stuff) and ask for more stuff to buy, even though you have no money anyways?

Lotti, I can ask you the same question!

Or have you forgotten about my Masaki’s completely? Given the recent auction on eBay, you were getting an absolute bargain!

DJ who were referring to?

Kurokitten, I suppose, because DJ didn’t middleman a deal for me :grin:

@dogma: I was about to PM you today. I have an offer for a Masaki set for $140 shipped which I will accept once I have more money. Unfortunately, the seller didn’t want to break the set up so I couldn’t just have bough the 3 ones missing. Sorry about that!

Wow, whoever has that Masaki set for $140 could throw them on ebay and watch it hit a safe $40 more.

Also Lotti let the mod’s do the modifications. If you want to make a complaint to us about someone’s picture or whatever the case may be just send one of the mod’s a pm.

I think that $30-$35 per Masaki card would be a fair price, which would add up to $150/$175 + shipping (if you go by eBay prices). They come without the envelope’s they were sent in but I don’t care about that. I think it’s well possible to get them at that price. However, if they sell them for $175 on ebay, they have to pay fees. So the person I can buy them from just gave them to me, even though he get’s a little less then on ebay.

I think realistically right now, a mint set would be $40 a piece, averaging around $200 give or take.

Also even with fee’s he would still come out with $150ish if they sold for $180. I have sold on ebay for 3 1/2 years, powerseller top-rated seller, I know the fee’s too well.

Well then he just doesn’t seem to care about the $20-$30 more he could get :grin:

I am actually just looking to see if anyone has these at the moment… and besides I have cards i can trade too you know. >< I just dont like listing them because it takes too long cause I have so many. But I am also selling a lot of stuff and just waiting on the money to come in from that.

However if you want me to take this down for now I can do that too… ^^

just a little heads up to everyone making a deal with kurokitten87

she has had MANY complaints around the pokemon trading forums such as pokegym & pokebeach for not paying when she said she will or never paying at all myself have been waiting for cards that she never sent so i would think twice about making ANY kind of deal with her

We are aware of… the history, shall we say.

But what a shame that you had to spend your first post that way? Welcome!

yes i am sorry about that i just came here to visit and saw her post just wanted to give everyone a heads up before anything

sorry once again Admin

I only have 6-7 between the both of the forums they here are aware of that because I told them and I also told the people on the other fourms that things come up that are honosly more important then pokemon cards such as real live things like going to the hospital and having to pay for all of that.

and I have to ask what your username on the forums are if you dont mind

**6-7 complaints is 6-7 too many. No person would uphold a complaint if you were in hospital, and it would be unfair for us to judge you on that.

However, there are people who I trust who have told me about their experiences on other boards and you definitely have to prove you’ve improved if you want to trade on this forum.

And please don’t ask for other members details. No one is under any obligation to share details like that unless they want to.**

well I was just cerious to know, because if they are under the same name on Pokegym then I have NEVER made a deal with them.

that is all so I appoligise