Daisuki Espeon Help...?

Hey Guys,

Im thinking about bidding on this auction,

But I have no idea what a realistic price for these cards is…?

If anyone can help, it’ll be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

Damn!! Someone bought it! I don’t believe it, its been up there for days… It seems like you can’t ask for help without someone Hijacking an auction!

I was bidding on it, I just had no idea what their actual value was… Am kinda pissed now, I think someone saw my thread and just paid the BIN price straight away… :slightly_frowning_face:

Yep it is treasure japan, the auctions been up for over two weeks with no one ever bidding on it, thats why i wasnt sure what the value was. I bid on it but just wanted some help with the value, just to be sure… I guess i wont be putting up another thread like this again, definitely not with a link to the auction!

What is a reasonable value for it Viper?

Oh OK, well i guess there no where near the 2006 Play Espeon/Umbreon then?

Thanks for the advice Viper!

Yea I guess ill just wait, Ive seen quite a few Master Rank Daisuki listings on Y!J over the last few months but this was the only Espeon/Umbreon…

Oh hell no. (Except - you can’t jump to conclusions here. You don’t know for sure whether it was someone on here or whether it was just bad luck.)

I do feel for you, its a bit of a crappy situation.

Unfortunately, this might have to be the way if this sort of thing happens. The hard part is actually convincing people this is a nasty thing to do. Perhaps someone on UPCCC did see your link and grabbed your cards. They might not even think they did something wrong or unethical.

Please note that there is currently no vetting on members who want to join UPCCC. I don’t want to scare people away, but it is possible for darkrai’s scenario to be the reason why people have joined UPCCC. I also don’t think there is a way of disabling links until you reach a specific post count, but maybe I’m wrong on that.

(On the other hand personally I think we have a fantastic community and its on the whole been amazing. I just wanted to point that out)

This is a hard one and I know the other admin from time to time have thought about changes to this policy. If anyone has any strong views, get in touch with your favourite admin (who are we kidding - me :stuck_out_tongue:) and if there’s enough strong opinion we can talk about changing the policy.

In the meantime:

  • If I catch someone gazumping another person’s link, I will get nasty. (There can’t be any bans or anything like that - in my view you’ve done something unethical but not illegal or “wrong”.)

  • do keep your links secret if that’s what you feel it takes to get security over a good bargain

  • please, PLEASE do continue to help each other out. Maybe PM someone knowledgeable or an admin for advice - some of you guys do that already, we are always happy to help

  • let us know if you feel very strongly about making our boards invite only again

  • give me your opinions if you think I’m just plain wrong and there is nothing wrong with taking advantage of a good bargain.

In short - please continue to talk to us and raise these things.


The board should stay how it is as far as joining.

In regards to this thread, if you want to know the price of a card you don’t have to post the link. Unfortunately people are not as ideal as they are in disney movies and will do some more bullshit like take a card that you provided a link for.

This being said, it is an open market and people have the right to purchase whatever they want. I personally believe in not purchasing something in a situation like this but we cannot police what people do, there has to be an awareness of the person posting.

I would just learn from this and next time when asking about a card maybe post a bulbapedia link and then go bid when you get an answer.

Wow I have been watching it for so long waiting for the starting bid to decrease, but when I saw it had been bid on I asked my friend to buy it now but she did not get my email in time. I guess its time I stop watching and start buying.

Damn I’m sorry, it seems like I’ve started a bit of a ruckus here…!

@samonuske - I can’t believe that happened to you! I offer my condolences :slightly_frowning_face:

I was recently concerned about posting an active listing, too. I remember thinking to myself afterwards: ‘I should have sent a private message…’ I vigilantly watched it, praying that no one else would purchase it. Luckily, evilmind2 obtained it - as intended. I believe the majority of this community harbours temperance. Nevertheless, it never hurts to be cautious.

LOL don’t be sorry. Some of the admins feel strongly about protecting the community, even pre-emptively.

We’re not trying to punish, we’re not even saying anyone has done anything wrong, but what we have been told by those who have been on here the most is that they would be more comfortable discussing things amongst friends, so to speak. I agree with DJ - let’s trial it, continue to evolve the Bureau, see where that takes us

samonuske, I didn’t buy the item and I’m very sorry this happened to you. That must be very frustrating. And the coincidence between your post and the sale is striking.

But still, I’m not so sure that your post triggered the sale. Over the last few weeks this Treasure Japan person has been buying like crazy. Beat me on several auctions. And, as others have already said, the auction wasn’t exactly a secret because it was sitting there for ages, without a sale. As to prices, the last ones I saw on Y!J went for about 33,000 and 30,000 Yen, and 38,000 isn’t really a bargain.

Despite this unfortunate incidence, I’d advise against any changes to current upccc policy. It seems to me that the site works great as it is, with most content open for all, insider bureau for members, and admin chat for admins. Let’s not add yet another layer of secrecy. And I doubt that a large number of posts here makes you a pokemon auction saint. But perhaps the admins could post a polite warning somewhere, alerting people that they should think twice before posting a link to an active auction they’d like to win.

Theres no need to change anything, UPCCC is great the way it is!

My only advice would be in the future to post a bulbapedia link of the card rather than the auction link when looking for pricing advice

Wasn’t me either! GET Eevee broke my bank…