Dealing with the Auction Thread

So I’ve noticed quite a few complaints about the auction thread, and I would like to propose a resolution.

I feel that a lot of unnecessary bidding could be avoided if we do the following:

Follow-up: Reggie does not bid at all, and Oswald is able to snag the card for 800 Yen.

In case you did not understand that, I am suggesting that we do pre-bidding here on the forum. So, if you plan on bidding on an item, simply state your max bid. After this, one of two things can happen:

  1. Someone else interested in the auction sees that they cannot beat your max bid, they do not bid on the item at all.
  2. Someone else interested in the auction sees that they can beat your max bid, so they comment their top bid.
    —2.1. The 1st bidder can beat their bid, so they post again with their max bid.
    —2.2. The 1st bidder can’t beat their bid, so they don’t bid at all.

Do you get what I am saying?

The only problem I see is the time it takes for two members here to respond. This method will work if auctions are found with a few days left, but I can see a problem with auctions that end in a day or less due to time zone differences between competing members. If this were to happen, then the members will just have to deal.

So what do you guys think?

What about if people say…

My max bid is $5
“Mine is $5.01”
“Well I can squeeze $5.02 I guess”

Like I see what you are saying but idk.

What if I bid 10000 dollars

I might annoy some people with this but please feel free to share your thoughts.

Should we distinguish between someone who wants a particular card so he/she can sell it for a profit and someone who wants the card in order to complete a set he/she has been building?

I like that idea. I personally think a collector should get preference over a seller. That’s why I gave up that sealed Pikachu promo to Jacob’s Gengar as he needed it for his collection.

I personally think this is getting out of control because end of the day people list auction there for other people to see and eventually buy.

But I don’t think people who list auctions should check first if anybody is bidding on the auction because if you find an auction and bid on it, It does not mean you own the auction and if you really want to buy the auction that bad you will just have to put your highest bid.

If it is not enough then bad luck its your own fault because the other people bidding are willing to pay more than you to win the auction.

I personally don’t want conflict on this thread because it has been locked previously for quite some time and it took quite some convincing from members to reopen it.

I completely agree with this post…effectively all you guys who are stopping each other from bidding are screwing over the people who are selling.

I doubt it, they’re already overpricing things:

But if people still pay the amount that’s what they think that card is worth so really no card is overpriced if someone is actually paying for it.

If they list a card and it doesn’t sell because it priced high that is when a card is overpriced because it wont sell but if a card goes high at auction it isn’t overpriced because someone is willing to pay that price.

Take the Jolteon Gold star on YJ for example its currently at 15k yen which in my opinion is high because I can buy 3-4 of them for around £50-60 each nearly half the price of the one on auction atm. But if the bidders is willing to pay the price that’s what the card is worth to them.

With all due respect, supply and demand will always be here, the thing is that for us buyers we try to get good deals and get past this supply and demand frenzy on certain cards/sets, and quite frankly I don’t care about the sellers and it would be silly to say most do, we use Y!J to avoid the high prices on eBay, what about those sellers? You can’t change human nature, that’s why sales exist along with store discounts and threads like these exist:

Let’s face it, we all love collecting, and striking a great deal is one of the most satisfying parts about this hobby aside from the collection itself, threads like the Y!J auction take away from the fun at times because what could’ve been a 2,000 YEN deal ends up being a 15,000 YEN ordeal, now I’m not saying this is always true but it happens, I scored a JR surfing Pikachu and mew set for 1500 Yen ($15 USD) and I was the only bidder in that auction, had it been posted in the Y!J thread that would’ve been a different story, and so on and so forth, lol.

The picture is out if context it was an example of how there is still a market for JP buyers and we arnt killing the market completely.

I withdraw my criticism of the auction thread. Everything is fair game I’m sure if you really need something you’ll pay what’s fair.

I also agree much like eBay there’s heaps of overpriced items, but also like eBay there’s barging to be had. Lets use some logic if you see someone really wants something for a collection and your looking to resell leave it be, this forum is about collecting and it would suck to use the forum’s resources used purely for reselling information when we should be about helping fellow collectors.

If 2 people really want an item talk and see who’s willing to pay more or use someone like Glenn to bid and whoever gave him a larger bid can take or the same thing happens with Noppin for example when 2 people bid whoever is will to bid the most will win the auction at the last bid of other bidders.

This doesn’t affect me either way but it seems dishonest to manipulate the prices in either direction. Bidders conspiring to hold prices down is tantamount to sellers shill bidding. In both cases one person is trying to screw the other.
In the long run, your reputation is worth more than the extra money or savings you get:)

I agree with Not Zelda Gilroy. I find the notion of fixing bids to be unfair to the sellers.

I’m sure many sellers rely on Yahoo Japan auctions as an important source of income. If buyers collude to keep auction prices low, it’s possible the sellers will give up on YJ entirely and simply sell their stuff to the secondhand game stores in Japan.

And if that happens, it will be even more difficult for overseas collectors to get their hands on what is already a rapidly dwindling supply of older, out-of-print Pokemon cards.

Yes, Japanime and I are old timers but his point is quite true. We should agree to keep this hobby clean on the online auctions for the future good. Private deals are up to you but the public format should be treated fairly and honestly.

I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic, or if you really believe that 800 yen is too much money to charge for a Masaki promo. :sweat:

I thought these cards could be worth $100 or more if in mint condition. Am I wrong about that? :thinking:

No 800Y is a steal and is most likely a one off and I should note that it isn’t mint and was 800 because the shipping bends were presents. $50-60 a card is realistic price and if its PSA 10 which is almost impossible because of the way the were sent they can fetch way over a $100 a card closer to $300-$400.

Hmm… I don’t know if this would help anything, but it sure as heck would be convenient information.

Could everyone post the Y!J name that shows up when they bid on auctions (the middleman’s account name)? It’s helpful when looking at auctions so I know if I might be bidding against someone here!

If that gets found by Japanese lurkers, it will be used for discrimination.

They already discriminate against Noppin users and bid up auctions!