What to do about a seller pulling auctions for shady reasons

I’m a little frustrated as I watching a seller with several english PSA 10 ex, FA and Srs. They put up about 7 cards starting
at .99 for auction. Most of the cards were very low $2.00 or less with the top ones like M rayquaza FA roaring skies at
$30. The seller was shill bidding a PSA 10 M manectric ex I was bidding on previously. When I offered double what it
sold for at auction he didn’t hesitate to sell it to me. It was sold previously according to them.

He pulled all the auctions today saying a person bought them all in person. Based on what type of person I think the seller is I feel they pulled the listings because they were so low especially the regular exs. Even then if you put items up for auction as an honest seller you are supposed to sell them even if you get an offer or they end lower than you’d like. I lost or broke even on several PSA 10 XY/BW regular EXs, Gary listed a card at a lower price and it was bought imediately (he honored it), and several other examples. I feel like I should report this person for it since all the communication was on ebay. What do you guys think?

I understand I am feeling angry/cheated for not getting to bid. This is also different from someone buying an item that is BIN/OBO because they could have sold it on ebay or outside and at that point you should have purchased it sooner.

I was bidding on those auctions too, really annoyed. As an honest seller, you should never pull auctions just because they’re not selling for a certain price. eBay themselves say that auctions get their most bids in the last 2 hours or so, as all of us probably know, prices can double in the last few seconds of an auction.

I wish there was something we could do, but not really. I suppose if multiple people report him (I would do it too) then they might notice and take some action. Clearly this guy doesn’t have any eBay morals.


This is what he said about it because I made an offer on the item in hopes he just pulled it because he wasn’t getting what he wanted.

“sorry nothing i can do for you and if you think thats the right thing go ahead but this is the first time this happens and i needed the money and i be posting many psa 10 cards later so you will miss the chance of getting more psa 10, and im sorry again”

He cancelled over 10 PSA items along with several other listings. I think he’s planning to relist later at another time when he’ll get more watchers/early bidders.

I’m reporting all of his listing for ebay listing practices.

plus there is this. some 26 rating ebay user is the highest bidder on all items with 100% bidding activity. he’s got 53 items he’s bid on with them all being his.


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My psa 10 wally went for 1.20USD I think… hilarious. Worst set ever for me lol, pulled 5 Trainers or something like that. People should chuck the reserve on, I did this once and I thought reserve was on there… I had this problem were it said I scouldnt put a reserve price on there in australia unless it was auto motive or something, but I did think it was still on there for 30 dollars or something, but card went for 0.01 cents, Buyer got real angry and rightfully so, fair enough… I should have just sold it to him. This was like 2 years ago when I was noob lol. Lesson learnt - Be aware and put the god damn reserve price on dem listings. Stay away from dem shill bidders der boi. I think if you report this guy for shill bidding then that would be good, but would reporting him for the other stuff do anything?? I don’t know, but it will work good for your case of the shill bidding using those messages.

OOO yeah 1.75, such value on dat card. It’s gonna be worth a shit ton of money one day. - www.ebay.com/itm/172013285281?ssPageName=STRK:MESOX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1561.l2649

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Did you guys actually have bids on the items? If not I dont think you can or really should do anything even though it is extremely frustrating. If theres no bids and he changes his mind he has a right to pull them down.

If you had bids on and he cancelled the order then thats a different story as you have committed to the possibility of purchase. Shilling is another story altogether.

Edit:- read you op again and yeah it sounds like many bids were down, i got confused as that link went to a heracross that was ended with zero bids?

Yes I had bids down on a almost all because I saw them at $0.99. I also planned to bid hard on the full arts I wanted and spend around $10 for the regular EX. It looks strange when you see the listing because it says zero. But if you look at all the bids on each item 6**7 is on all of them with mid to mid-high bids around a reserve amount for those. It’s strange for someone to have that many bids and have 100%.

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Yeah I agree.
The most frustrating thing is that if he had of left them up he may have got more than he wanted for them. We’ve all seen super rare items jump by $50-$100 or more in the last few seconds…

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Who is the seller?

All shillers must die…


lope073.xnsnxvi that is the sellers name. Check their completed history

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I think the seller holds the right to end his/her auctions if they are not getting the prices they feel is correct.

I believe shill bidding is terrible though.

In australia many years ago, we we’re unable to even set reserve prices on our auctions, it wouldn’t allow us. But now… the settings have changed, and i guess it is smartest to just set a reserve… but why does ebay charge you for this… it adds up alot of money, and reserve settings really really deter potential bidders.

Also furthermore, there are new policies with ebay that pickup if a seller cancels auctions; their account can be granted non powerseller status or a below standard performance status, which upsets search results etc.

I’ve cancelled auctions, recently like my psa 10 umbreon vs card, which was at $3.26 with just over 24 hours left… i’m not risking people to bid up in the last few hours, and i don’t want to pay for reserve prices on all my auctions. When i feel like risking it i will let it go all the way… if i have the option on ebay to close auctions early, then i’m going to do it.

-but don’t worry, my account is already screwed up because i ended about 6% of my auctions; the majority i just let go… but a few i ended. Technically since ebays new policy for 2016 is starting up, my ebay account is screwed up and below standard because of this… and not responding to cases through the resolution centre and only through PM’s. my accounts messed at the moment.

that’s basically the attitudes of people who want to return or get a refund if they didn’t get the pulls tbey wanted. You take that chance when you buy something where the odds are unknown. You as a seller are using a cheating way to save yourself from losing money because you can’t run a store normally. That’s part of life, you take chances and sometimes you lose other times you come out a head.

Yes, i know i take that risk as a seller… i allowed 94% of my auctions to finish normal, many undersold. end of the day, its ok cause the turnover helps progress things faster.

I’m just saying if the option is there from ebay, and things look extremely slim, and the seller wants to retract, he can do so. it’s his stock. he/she has the right to do what they want to do on the platform they work with.

If the option is there, the seller can control there stock how they wish.

i morally and ehtically try to do the right thing the majority of the time, but when an auction is that immensely low, and i’m not in a rush to sell. I’m going to maybe relist it another time, as i hold the right to do what i want with my stock. No-one should be banned because of how they manage there stock or items.

If you’re in no rush then why did you auction it in the first place? EBay doesn’t have an option for “end auction early its not selling for as much as I want” but they offer the option to uses reserves for this. All your arguments don’t actually support what you’re saying. You’re using a false reason to retract auctions.

If you do things the right way then whybdo you advertise like this


Exactly what is photographed is what you will be receiving.
THIS SET is amazing, the condition is predominantly GEM MINT - NM condition, I PROMISE YOU WILL GET THIS PREDOMINANTLY IN THIS LISTING i.e 9.5-6.5+/10 condition cards. Incase we do not see eye to eye on condition, All my listings will class cards to reiterate as always, to may have the following: Mild edge wear, feathered surface scratches, or general aging. Therefore I must range this listing as low as excellent in order to avoid scammers. Please go off the clear photographs and/or scans. As that is exactly what you will receive."

You’re using words like mint and gem mint for the attraction. Is that the honest this thing to do?

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When I list something at auction, I accept the possibility of getting below what i want for it. For any items which i have a set price in mind, ill put it as ‘buy it now’.

I personally dont agree with the practice of ending auctions early because of low interest and a low highest bid

  1. Everybody sees condition differently… and peoples arguments for cases or scamming are usually about condition… I have to stipulate a range… i have to! because some people see a card with 1-3mm of edge wear as near mint, and others see that as GEM MINT - MINT. I’m trying to cover all bases, so i’m not held liable… (everyone knows psa’s 10 and 9, and the whole regrading crap that goes on there… you even post it on your instagram… you see condition differently to what psa states is a 9 or 10… )
    End of the day, it never works anyways, because ebay always favours the buyer, they didnt get what they thought they we’re to recieve… you know how it is.

  2. ending auctions early… because i feel it’s now the wrong time, or have second thoughts about releasing it is my choice. You shouldn’t have the right to control whether a seller has second thoughts about releasing an item… what are you? god???

I agree that you have to cover yourself but your listing description is unique among eBay. It’s either overall X condition with a few outliers or just its NM because there are some below that. You call it gem mint mint then NM and later call it because of eBay I have to call it even lower so you can’t complain.

No one else on this site does that or anyone else.

Your response to my second one was such and idiotic one. Who the hell is talking about God? That’s. Called a red hearing and your arguments for supporting your reasoning are getting worse and worse. If you can’t justify your point with anything valid just say its greed. You don’t want to let it go. Think about this though. You win a great lot for cheap and the seller doesn’t sell it to you. How do you feel? Do you chalk it up to the “seller’s right” or is just being greedy wanting more.

If you aren’t willing to sell something for less than X amount, list it as a BIN or pay the reserve fee to add a reserve to the auction. Ending the auctions early because you want max value for something takes out the fun for everyone else :confused: