1st Edition Base Booster Box

Hi guys, I know that english cards are not the main focus on this site, Its just that i have been trying to hunt down one of these boxes at a realistic price for a while. Ive had absolutely no luck so far, every time one pops up on ebay the auction never runs its course, and everytime i contact the seller, its normally going well, he accepts my offer, then no contact afterwards (happened twice!).

If anyone here could possibly let me know of one being available outside of the ebay channels, id greatly appreciate it.

Thank you.

PS. Sorry, forgot to add, what would you say is a reasonable price for the Daisuki Raichu (Hyper Prize), in the current circumstances…?

Hey, I don;t know anyone at the moment, I think evilpsyduck on pokegym has one and might be open to offers.

Most of the guys with 1st editions boxes for sale I have run into on ebay or off have been real disrespectful. I usually don’t get upset about sellers but I have had similar experiences with poor customer service. I remember asking one guy if he would consider $950 because one just ended a month ago for $900 something on ebay and he laughed and said no that they are worth $5,000. He still has it and lists it periodically for $5,000 on auction and it gets nothing.

Anyway I am not sure what price the raichu is at right now. I think claire would know best. It has dropped significantly.

1st edition booster boxes like smpratte highest right now would be 900-1,500 for one box.a 1st edition one ended a few days ago at 1 grand then the seller listed another one for abit more.i dont see 1st ed booster boxes ever reaching the 5 grand mark at all not even 2 grand

What the hell? I thought the mammoth thread over at Pokegym we all agreed on somewhere around $1,000 is reasonable?

Whilst I don’t particularly want a box, that price is ridiculous!

Oh and viper.fox, just to annoy you more, I’m sure the price is nearer $150 than $300…

Yeah I really hope that price isn’t true. Seriously, it makes no sense at all

Thanks for the help guys. I’ll just wait for the 1st Ed. Box, I know they go every know and then above $3000 but I was only willing to go to $1300 Max, The wait goes on…
Even on the raichu, do you guys think we’ll see more pop up with people cashing in all there points now?

$150 is cheap for the Raichu, c’mon!

But yeah, waiting might be a good idea for the 1st ed box. It saddens me that it is becoming so overpriced. This hurts collecting amongst the TPCi world (i.e. non Japanese card collectors) - they look at that price and think I can’t afford to collect.


LOL, let me clarify:

I agree with viper.fox that the price on the Raichu has plummeted after TPCi have printed the card. For some reason, this has substantially affected the Japanese card.

So my comment that the $150 is cheap was in response to samonuske, who (if I read the comment right) was asking whether the Raichu would go for cheaper too. I was trying to encourage to pick it up at that price!

Thanks a lot for your help guys, i used the 1st Ed. booster box money on a few other things… The raichu for one and i might finally finish my japanese shining collection now… :blush: