Worlds Staff cards: '04, '05, '06

I have a good friend who was a big name in the midwest Pokémon community for awhile before he quit a couple years back. He was my league leader, a great guy, and I still keep in touch with him.

In any case, he’s trying to raise some money by selling more of his old collection. I’ve bought a fair share, but I’m trying to help him sell his three Worlds Staff cards, as listed in the title. If anyone’s interested, please throw me an offer. I am willing to sell each to a different buyer, obviously.

Looking for offers in the vicinity of $90 each. They are in near-mint to mint condition, IIRC, and very rare. Let me know if interested, thanks.

If you still have them, I could buy all 3 at $180 shipped (with insurance). LMK

04 staff is worth more than $60. It is the rarest/most sought after.

The '04 card is worth a little more than that… Would you consider $200? $80 for '04 and $60/ea for the other two. Lemme know.

The highest I could go is $170 shipped w/ insurance. LMK

Um… That’s $10 less than your original offer unless I’ve missed something

hahaha :grin: yeah that doesn’t make sense! You have to go in the other direction!

Ohhh typo lol :grin:
Yeah, I meant $190 :grin::grin::grin:

I’ll check with the guy and see if he’s alright with that.

Ok :blush:
PM me when you have news :wink:

I want the one from 06 so badly

Well, if you can offer more than $70 for it, that would probably top the above poster’s offer.

BTW, I still have yet to hear back from the guy.

Lotti, kurokitten has offered $90 for JUST the '06 card. If I were to take that offer, what would you be willing to give for the '04 and '05 cards?

Make sure the cards are actually available!

They are… I have them in my possession. Just gotta check with him regarding all offers.

Ah ok it sounded like he had them still, just making sure to make things go smooth.

Well, I guess I can offer $110 shipped for the 2 staff cards. LMK

i Offered $90 for the 06 card

Alright lets wrap this up, it’s getting confusing:

Kurokitten: $90 for '06
Lotti: $55 each for '05/'04

Politoed: check that your friend is happy to sell at these prices so we can finish this off

Apologies, wasn’t aware there was a requirement for threads that the moderators needed to follow the action… Nothing like that on the 'Gym. xD

Yes, I’ll talk to him tonight.