Interested in a few things...

Interested in buying these in NM to M condition. I can pay via PayPal. Thanks.

Imakuni’s Doduo
CoroCoro Shiny Mew
Claire’s Politoed
Misty’s Politoed

Whatcha got?

I have the Imakuni’s Doduo. Make an offer?

Misty’s Politoed
Coro Coro Mew x2

Will you be at Worlds? If so, how will I find/recognize you?

ljgenco12 - No idea what a mint one is worth, throw me an offer? I mean, I have a general idea, but I wouldn’t want to offend you.

Lotti - Afraid I will not be at Worlds. No invite and not enough money to gamble on the grinder. However, I am VERY interested in those. How much shipped for all three, and individually?

$100 shipped for everything or $35 + shipping each individual. Lmk

Got my last CoroCoro Mew for $20 and my last Misty’s Politoed for $15, so I’ll have to pass. Thanks anyway, though.