Worlds Staff cards: '04, '05, '06

How much are the following cards going for?
Worlds “Staff” card 2004
Worlds “Staff” card 2005
Worlds “Staff” card 2006

I have a good, old friend with an amazing collection who has these, and he asked me to see if I could sell them. There are none on eBay, and I’m having difficulty finding any previous sales, so, as always, I come here.

Any ideas what these are worth? He says the 2006 one was actually the hardest to get, although I’d assume the 2004 is the rarest.

I don’t collect these cards in English, but I found some 05 and 06 on eBay for you in stores. Looks like 2 sellers priced them each at $250.

$50 is a solid price for staff cards. The older they are the higher. $250 is outrageous. I would expect a high price on the 05 and 06 to be close to 100, but that is a high price. The 04 might bring in more, but $50-60 would be a solid realistic price.