Inquiry Base Set Holos Buying

Hey guys,

Quick question, Im currently on the hunt for some PSA 10 1st Edition Base Holos, namely:


I usually offer something like 350$USD direct paypal payments to sellers I know have stock, but lately ive been told that they are seeking more. I know the market fluctuates alot, but I dont feel the cards I listed above except gyarados justify that kind of price tag. Just wanted to see what you guys thought, as I usually try to wait around for a deal that makes sense when it comes to the set :blush:

Thanks for looking, have an awesome day!

According to ebay completed listings, this what they are currently selling for:

Poliwrath: $450
Clefairy: $500
Gyarados: $510
Raichu: $495

I like to base my prices on closed auctions mostly, I find the BIN prices, or the 1 bid auctions don’t accurately reflect the market as I watched some of those cards sit for months without being purchased. Plus Ebay does take a chunk of those prices as well for fees. But I do see an upward trend in prices as of late, last year at the same time auctions used to sell for much less

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These are all sold auctions. People actually bought and paid for those cards. Even with “fees” they are selling $100+ more than what you are offering.

Basically for any seller, there is no incentive to sell an item for $100+ less than what it can earn on the open market. Especially one of the most staple items in the hobby.

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As a seller I can understand your reasoning, but I’m sure some buyers feel differently haha. Its all about getting a price that makes sense for you in the end.

Scott is right, highly unlikely you’re going to find someone to sell you a card 200$ or so less than what they’re going for on eBay. they should be ranging anywhere from 400-600$ depending on the Pokemon

If you don’t wish to pay more I feel the best advice is wait, don’t pay if you feel you are spending more than you want because you a regret it in the end.

Yeah Im gonna wait it out haha, the conversion rates to USD are crazy now as well, doesn’t make financial sense for me, appreciate the advice!

There has been alot of lemony fresh ungraded stuff lately, alot has been off center though but god the mintyness is insain.

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Do share. I’m all ears.

These have been slowly and steadily climbing in price.
Figure now, or real soon, minimums will be 500.00. I know I’m down to only 1 or 2 numbers in thins that I’d sell for a touch less.

Shill at work, but they might get mint 9’s… If only we could contact those peeps that are bidding on de cards.
Nice feedback his got, I hope he ships my Mewtwo:

Negative feedback rating Seller LIES about stock. Relists after weeks! DO NOT BUY! Check other feedback! Buyer: z***2 (
Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Venusaur MINT! (#321877945717) US $182.50 View Item

Negative feedback rating No Longer Available after Winning bid, Now back up for sale Again. DO NOT BUY!!! Buyer: j***v (
Pokemon 1st Edition Base Set Blastoise MINT! (#321877951134) US $202.50 View Item

Negative feedback rating Contacted 6 days after payment. Never shipped. Never answered emails. Refunded Buyer: c***z (
Skyla Full Art 149/149 NM/M (#321785512076) US $16.99 View Item

Negative feedback rating I ordered Pokemon cards from him & never received them no answer either. Buyer: e***e

100x Pokemon Cards UNCOMMON/COMMON/RARE Random Lot (NM/MINT) with HOLO’s (#321644032169) US $9.99

Negative feedback rating I got pokemon card from this seller 15 days back but it is still not shipped. Buyer: n***n
100x Pokemon Cards UNCOMMON/COMMON/RARE Random Lot (NM/MINT) with HOLO’s (#321644032169)

I’m not into sketchy. I’ll let a good deal pass all day to skip a headache.